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August 28-03, 1999

Apple is planning on making an announcement as Seybold next week.

Appointment 1.0 has been upgraded, addressing certain network speed issues and added some substantial bells and whistles.

An update to N2MP3 has been released which fix a problem where every time an N2MP3 user inserted a non-audio CD, N2MP3 would continually to query the CDDB with no timeout.

The Blair Witch Project was edited using Macs.

Symantec has an update for Norton Utilities available.

August 20-27, 1999

Apple is suing eMachines for it's iMac knockoff.

Corel WordPerfect is a totally free word processing program for the Mac.

FileMaker announced that the National Institutes of Health (NIH), one of the world's foremost biomedical research centers, has signed a contract to purchase an additional 15,000 FileMaker Pro desktop site licenses.

Apple Wizards' Mini-Reviews, has published four new product reviews: iMagicalDesk, FileSmiler, Galactic Patrol and TypeIt4Me.

eMerge 1.6 has been released.

VSE Web Site Turbo 3.0 offers many new optimizations, including special optimizations for Microsoft Office 2000 and Adobe GoLive documents and it is now compatible to Server Side Includes (SSI), Active Server Pages (ASP) and Blueworld's Tango.

VSE Be Found 1.3, a tool that has been developed to help web masters to obtain a high ranking of their web pages on search engines, is available.

The preview release of N2MP3, an easy to use, full featured MP3 encoder for the Mac OS is available for download.

August 13-20, 1999 is new site devoted to Mac games and includes a Mac games search engine.

1984 Online has released issue 16 of their online magazine.

Apple Wizards has just released their August issue. Reviews include Real Player Plus G2, MPlayer3 Portable MP3 Player, Caesar III, and TextSpresso. They have a feature article about the highly anticipated Quake 3 for Macintosh.

vMac is a Mac Plus emulator.

As noted on, here are instructions for making a silver Powerbook G3 Series.

August 06-13, 1999

Barcodet is currently in version 4.0 and includes PostNET, Code39, MSI Plessey, Interleaved 2 of 5, and UPC bar codes in a variety of sizes.

Is this what the Apple iMac PDA will look like ?

Taylor Design released TextSpresso 1.3, an update to the award winning, professional text cleaning tool for Mac OS. TextSpresso 1.3 adds file dialog previews, live scrolling, an improved Character Table filter type, 5 new filters including Initial Caps and Sentence Caps, support for the Euro symbol in the Mac/PC conversion filters, and more!

Here is information about using SQL databases on the Macintosh

Microsoft issued an open challenge on Tuesday to the hacking community. But potential testers barely got a chance to attempt to break Windows 2000's security system, as the test server that Microsoft offered crashed and stayed down for most of the week.

August 01-06, 1999

Sim City 3000 has finally been released. Order it online and they are including a free strategy guide (at least for now). says they are giving away 1,000,000 free iMacs. For more info, read this article. is an auction site for Macintosh equipment.

Apple and America Online are going to collaborate on the next version of Instant Messenger.

America Online has formed an advisory group, which includes Steve Jobs, to set standards for sending instant messages online. Microsoft was not invited to be on the council.

Time has an ariticle about Steve Jobs, the iBook and more.

Bill Gates says that it "shouldn't take long for them to catch up" when referring to the iMac. notes that Freaks Macintosh Archives put The TakeDown Suite 2.5 on their website. This is a backdoor program. When double clicked the server lets someone remotely administer the computer.

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