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November 27-03, 1999

Misson: Impossible 2 trailers are available in Quicktime format.

The iBook topped notebook sales for October 1999.

StuffIt Deluxe 5.1.5 update is now available.

Updates to VSE Animation Maker, a GIF animation tool, and Kids Animation Maker, an animation application for children are available.

Version 2.7 of "A Better Finder Rename" Macintosh Finder enhancement. This new release extends the string manipulation capabilities of the tool by offering two new operations.

Sonnet Technologies dropped prices by as much as $200 on G4 processor upgrades.

VSE Be Found 1.5, a web site promotion tool, has been released and now supports 178 search engines from 16 different countries.

Panic released Audion 1.2, adding stronger support for .M3U files, an improved shuffle mode, allows for streaming audio over a proxy server, doubles the granularity of the equalizer sliders, improves the volume slider, and adds many more nice finishing touches.

MacLaunch announced that is has added a wide array of online financial tools to its Mac-centric service.

November 20-26, 1999 is now available in 5 new colors... customize yours today.

The first all Quicktime commercial produced by Volkswagon.

FileMaker Pro 5 has won a prestigious PC Computing 1999 Most Valuable Product (MVP) Award, as the best database software of the year.

Proteron announced the acquisition of the digital audio encoder "MPecker" from @Soft, Inc.

A Better Finder Info is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which supplements the Finder's "Get Info..." feature and provides additional information about files and folders.

Medical Databases, the developer of PracticeMaker, medical office software product using FileMaker Pro for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, has opened a new training and technical support facility in Richboro, PA.

MacLaunch will be officially open to the world wide Macintosh user community on Wednesday December 1, 1999.

A beta version of DocuScript 2.0b13 is available. This FileMaker developer Tool which helps troubleshoot FileMaker Pro scripts.

A couple of Sherlock extra's are available including a patcher to set the windows to the standard Mac look and feel.

Cameraid is a shareware digital camera package to download and do batch processing of images. It also includes the ability to automatically generate html for a web page with your images.

November 13-19, 1999

Is a chain of Apple stores coming soon?

Troi Automatisering released its Troi Grabber Plug-in 1.2 for FileMaker Pro 5. The Plug-in lets wide array of cameras grab images directly into FileMaker Pro 5 databases.

Apple Wizards November issue is here. They have also released a Mini-Reviews Sherlock Search plug-in.

MacLaunch announced that is has acquired the My MacConnect launch site from Mac-centric Internet Service Provider MacConnect.

Sonnet Technologies announced that G4 upgrade cards for PCI Macs are immediately available from distributors worldwide. The Sonnet Crescendo G4 includes superior Altivec Enabling software, complete Mac OS 9 Velocity Engine compatibility, Adobe Photoshop Altivec Plug-In Enabling software, Sonnet Metronome Profiler Utility software, and unequaled ease-of-installation and reliability.

FaxSTF version 5.04 has been released. It includes MacOS 9 compatibility among other fixes.

Apple's MacOS 9 problem solving site will help identify incompatibilities and updates needed.

November 6-12, 1999

Apple confirmed that it holds the number one position in sales to the U.S. Education market as shown by recent data from leading Education market research firms.

Here are a few sites which might be of interest: Behind The iMac, First Apple Bite, Mac Tips and Hacks.

Blue World, StarNine, and Imacination Software announced that their respective software products -- Lasso, WebSTAR and Ch-Ching! -- will be featured in The Internet Office for Small Business seminar series hosted by Apple Computer, Inc.

Version 2.0 of "A Better Finder Select" Macintosh Finder enhancement makes Select a powerful selection front-end to the other tools in the A Better Finder tool series. A Better Finder Select now supports regular expression, wildcard and partial name matching along with many other features.

FileMaker Server 5 is expected to ship November 29. It includes increased FileMaker database hosting (up to 250 simultaneous users and 125 open FileMaker Pro 5 files) among other changes.

Apple Wizards' Mini-Reviews has published four new product reviews for your infotainment: Outlook Express 5.0, PopupCD 1.5.1, ACTION WYSIWYG, Snitch 2.6.4.

PC Computing has named FileMaker Pro 5, the award-winning workgroup database software, a finalist for its prestigious 1999 Most Valuable Product (MVP) Awards in the database category.

Proteron announced an update to N2MP3. This version, designated 1.0.3, is necessary for Mac users who are currently using MacOS 9 or who intend to upgrade.

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