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July 22-28, 2000

MacWorld New York News: Mail Convert 2.0 has been released.

Real Software has released a new Alpha version of Real Basic which can build Classic, Carbon and Windows apps.

As seen on, the eBag is a stylish new bag for PowerBooks and iBooks.

Nintendo's next generation gaming system, code-named "Dolphin", is based on a PowerPC processor which a lot of the development being done on Macs.

Timecard Tracker 2.0 was released.

New Millennium Communications announced the release of DialogMagic plug-in for FileMaker Pro.

Sonnet Technologies announced the Tango USB/FireWire PCI combo card.

Lupien Limited Consulting announced the release of Media Trakker, a database designed specifically for the publishing industry.

Mark/Space has PageNOW! 2.0 for MacOS.

July 15-21, 2000

The MacWorld NY keynote will be broadcast live through Quicktime at 9am EST on July 19, 2000.

Carbontracker is a site for tracking MacOS apps and especially MacOS X apps.

Dell has quietly discontinued their "stylish" computers.

You can register to be notified when the first beta of Chalkmania, a new game from Kinetic Creations, is available.

FileMaker will unveil multimedia presentations and demos of its new database software line in a totally new exhibit at MacWorld Expo New York, July 19-21.

MacDialog extends FileMaker Pro dialogs for developers and allows the users to create dialogs with up to four labeled fields on a dialog and two buttons.

Vindigo is now available for the Mac as noted on

Have a Sprint PCS phone and want to use it with your Mac?

Sim City for the Palm is also available in color for the Palm IIIc.

Artists Against Piracy have a web site to "give recording artists a voice in determining how their music is distributed".

July 8-14, 2000

PowerSolutions released InsideScan, a plug-in that lets you capture images by using a scanner or other video acquisition sources and then import them into a database fields or onto the clipboard without having any need to use external applications.

The FileMaker Pro Web Companion 5.0v5 is available.

Nvidia plans to enter Mac graphics chip market.

Firewire has grown by 300% between 1998 and 1999.

iMac style computer desks are available online.

Flash Cards 1.1 lets your create flash cards and print them out.

July 1-7, 2000

Rumors are circulating about new iMacs being released at MacWorld New York. A new 17 inch version of the iMac looks possible.

Microsoft unveiled more of their email plans for the next Mac Office.

EnterNet is a PPPoE client for Windows, Mac and UNIX.

The "throbbers" site has a new home.

Apple has a page about MYST.

Ascending Technologies rolled out version 3.0 of their website.

An article titled "The Challenges of Integrating the Unix and Mac OS Environments".

VSE Be Found 2.0, the popular web site promotion tool, has been released. It features the first web site ranking checker and the first link popularity checker for Macs.

Aladdin Tuner 3.0 turns your Mac into a global Internet media receiver allowing you to instantly access more than 3,400 streaming audio and video Webcasts from all over the planet.

Sonnet Technologies announced compatibility with future operating systems for its CPU upgrade customers.

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