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August 26-01, 2000

Office 2001 appears to be on schedule for release in October.

Apple's Mac game site has information about existing games and those coming for the Mac.

Apple on how Airport was used at the RNC and the DNC. article about AOL 6.0 and it's emphasis on Broadband features.

Over 75 new faces have been posted for the audio player, Audion.

Apple announced that Arthur D. Levinson, Ph. D., chairman and CEO of Genentech Inc., was appointed to the Company's board of directors. talks about the use of Macs at the DNC as well as the sea of iMacs.

Sonnet Technologies lowered prices by up to 10% on G4 processor upgrades.

ISO Productions Inc. announced's Super Bundle - a promotional collaboration between eleven leading FileMaker Pro third party resource developers.

New Millennium Communications announced a program of co-investment with other companies providing commercial solutions developed in FileMaker Pro.

Troi Automatisering released Troi Dialog Plug-in 2.0 for FileMaker 5.

Weird Al's Great Adventure is a game currently in beta testing.

August 11-25, 2000

Palm has released a new line of low end Palms that come in different colors. Order yours for $149!

August is iMac's second birthday and Apple would like to hear about how it's affected your life. They ask that you send your story (500 words or less) to by Aug 15. report on shortages of the new Mac models.

Apple's story on how Macs were used to cover the GOP National Convention.

Pay and Play Software will no longer support the Windows platform, siting the high support costs involved.

Real Basic v3.0a5 is now available - the alpha update includes improved MacOS X Support.

Graphic Converter 3.91 is available for download.

The Exporter plug-in allows the developer to export pictures, sounds, movies, and text stored in FileMaker fields as documents in their native file formats.

VSE Be Found 2.02 is available for download.

Typesaver records keystrokes in a text file that you can use to recover documents or monitor activity.

AntiCrash is supposed to recover from crashes without restarting.

August 04-10, 2000

Macster Preview 5 now includes the ability to share MP3's with other Napster members.

Apple has filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County against an individual suspected of leaking trade secrets.

Cobalt is considering suing Apple of the G4 Cube though NeXT had the first cube back in the 80's.

Imacination will be previewing new technologies including a beta ISP edition of Ch-Ching! at the Filemaker Developer Conference.

MacWeek article titled "Hands on with Airport". lets you send, receive and manage e-mail with your existing FMP database.

You can view the GOP National Convention in Quicktime.

Personal Site Administrator allows you to control a Mac using a web browser.

iCalendar is a Mac calendar which will output to HTML or JPEG formats and comes in themes.

August 28-03, 2000

Mail Convert 2.01 was released to fix a problem when clicking cancel in the save dialog box.

Rumors say that Apple is working on an "Inkwell" product for MacOS X that will allow it to use handwriting recognition for input.

See Quicktime versions of Apple's new iMac ads.

Six Pack is an XML editor built with Real Basic.

Comm-Unity Networking Systems announced the release of SMTPit 2.5b1, for FileMaker Pro 4.x and 5.x for both Macintosh and Windows Platforms.

The MacWorld New York keynote set a record for the for the delivery of content at broadband rates, with more than 4.3 gigabits per second of video streamed to more than 21,000 simultaneous viewers.

BusinessWeek on Apple and Steve Jobs.

PrintToPDF is a Chooser extension to create PDF files without requiring Adobe Acrobat.

ProBe offers POS systems for the Macintosh.

Earthlink will be providing all of its DSL customers with a free copy of DoorStop.

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