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November 25-December 01, 2000

Apple is offering rebates on multi-processor G4's.

It appears that Apple may be moving ahead with its plan to open retail stores.

PageNOW! 2.0 for MacOS Public Beta is now available for downloading.

MacPowerUser is a web site with a large focus on MacOS X.

Here is a site with tips and tricks for Mac OS X.

Oracle certifies Mac client on Oracle E-Business Suite.

Real Basic 3.0a13 has been released with a number of bug fixes.

Oculus 2.5.8 is web cam software for the Mac.

Netfinder now has a beta for Mac OS X.

The Mac OS Journal is a montly Mac web site.

Faust's Friend is an application that will show the current news stories.

This site contains utilities and plug-ins for Real Basic.

November 18-24, 2000

A Mac OS X version of our free Mail a Mac application is available for download.

As noted on Macfixit, Apple has a TIL noting the different port numbers used.

Washington state's election results were summarized and broadcast on the web using Macs as servers.

Adaptec has released a Toast 4.12 updater.

New Millennium Communications announced SecureFM 5.0.4 for both Windows and Macintosh. SecureFM is a FileMaker Pro plug-in which provides database designers and system administrators the ability to disable any FileMaker Pro menu item and its keyboard equivalent.

Netscape 6 has finally been released. Whether it is worth your time to download is in debate though.

VSE Web Site Turbo 4 is a tool for Apple Macintosh computers that strips unneeded data from your HTML documents, resulting in size reductions that average from 20 to 50 percent based on content.

StepUp Software, Inc. announced the release of StepUp Pal-it! 1.0. It allows the solution developer to create palette windows that float above or beside the solution's database windows.

Productive Computing, Inc. announced the release of Calendar Pop Up Plug-In Version 1.0 for FileMaker Pro.

Macworld Expo San Francisco is coming up soon.

Real Basic has posted an upgrade offer for all those purchasing version 2 after November 1, 2000.

November 11-17, 2000

Fetch 4.0 beta is now available for Mac OS X.

Apple article on Lego My Style. is a web site offering tips and hints for Mac OS X.

RealBasic version 3.0a12 is now available.

ISO Productions announced the Ranges Plug-in for FileMaker Pro, versions 4.x/5.x. The Ranges Plug-in allows developers to add dynamic range-based features to their FileMaker Pro solutions.

Pocket Dock is an application for Mac OS X that is similar to Apple's Launcher application. has an article on their soon to be released Filemaker Mobile which allows you to share data with a Palm and other devices.

An Infoworld article on Mac OS X.

A Macintouch report on high capacity backup solutions for the Mac.

Ben and Jerry's Halloween web site including an iMovie.

Apple has a memory guide available for download on their web site.

FW Depot is a source for everything Firewire.

Sonnet Technologies announced two additional configurations to its recently-announced Crescendo line for the Power Mac 7200.Waves in Motion's oAzium Portal Filter Shows You What's Important.

Waves In Motion has released oAzium Portal Filter, making information display within your FileMaker Pro database more powerful.

October 28-November 10, 2000

Napster is now available for Mac OS 9 and X and is based on the Macster client.

An update for BBEdit 6.01 is now available.

Real Basic 3.0a11 has been released.

Stuffit Deluxe 6 is now available for both Mac OS 9 and X.

Looking for Real Basic plugin's, here are a few sites: The first public beta of InsideScan, an image management plug-in, version 1.5 for Macintosh has been released.

Comm-Unity Networking Systems announced the release of POP3it 2.0 Final for FileMaker Pro 4.x and 5.x for both Macintosh and Windows Platforms.

Peninsula announced they are giving away aUtils For Filemaker free of charge.

ExportFM 1.2.2 for Macintosh is now available.

FileMaker announced its revenue grew to $111 million for its fiscal year which ended Sept. 30, representing revenue growth of 29 percent over the previous year's total of $85.8 million.

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