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March 24-30, 2001

MacOS X is available as of Saturday, March 24th. Apple has confirmed that preview versions of iTunes and iMovie will be available for download starting Saturday.

A MacAddict article regarding the promises of Linus and MacOS X.

FileMaker is previewing FileMaker Pro 5 on Mac OS X at Apple launch events during the next few days. has created a MacOS X page.

Macintouch has a VPN over PPPoE page for those that may need it.

REALBasic 3.1b4 has been released.

This web site has a list of many native OS X apps (currently 578) that are available.

Final Cut Pro 2 is now available though not for MacOS X.

MacOS 9.0 resources:
  1. Macintouch 9.0 Special Report
  2. Order today! (Only $69.95 after rebate)
  3. MacOS 9.0 Site
  4. Upgrade Site
  5. Sherlock Plug-ins
  6. Sherlock and Applescript
  7. Application Switcher Settings (from MacFixIt)
  8. Sherlock problems with Proxy servers
  9. MacOS Themes repository
  10. Apple-Donuts has Sherlock Plug-ins and more
  11. Time resources: site 1 and site 2
March 17-23, 2001

Apple is aquiring PowerSchool, an education related web site.

Handspring has announced their new Visor Edge which appears to be a great compliment to the Titanium PowerBook G4.

FileMaker has shipped 30,000 units of FileMaker Mobile in its first 3 months.

The Software & Information Industry Association honored FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited with a prestigious Codie Award for Best Numeric/Database Software here Monday.

Mac JSP is a web site devoted to getting some common UNIX web software running on MacOS X.

A review of the PowerBook G4 by I.T.

PopChar Pro 1.3.2 is now available for download.

Adobe Acrobat 5.0 is available with some new added features.

March 10-16, 2001

It looks like iTunes and iMovie will be available for Mac OS X soon after it ships.

Mac OS X has gone Golden Master and been sent to manufacturing.

Apple released an Airport 1.3 update which adds PPPoE capabilities among other enhancements.

Information on the rumored Apple retail stores keeps growing.

iCamMaster has been updated to run on Mac OS X.

MacVCD is a player for Video CD's.

MacAddict has a story on the use of Macs to run the web site

Axis makes camera's that can plug into your ethernet network and serve their images to a machine on the network.

This Apple TIL ariticle lists the ports that are used by default on Macs.

MacWeek and MacCentral are going to be consolidated into one online magazine.

This site gives some info on recording CD's with iTunes.

oAzium Events is a FileMaker Pro plug-in that adds reliable script scheduling and control to your solutions.

Productive Computing announced the release of Change Printer Plug-In version 1.0 for MACINTOSH.

Information on how to fix an Airport Base station and add an external antenna.

ChartMaker Pro 5.0 gives you the ability to create line charts, bar charts, column charts, scatter charts, and pie charts all using FileMaker's built-in features.

Medical Databases announced the immediate availability of MacDialog. The plugin gives the FileMaker Pro developer the ability to create custom dialogs in a matter of minutes.

March 03-09, 2001

The Houston Chronicle and LA Times both have good reviews of the new PowerBook G4.

Apple has released Disc Burner 1.01 which works along with their new CD-RW drive and adds support for additional drives.

VSE Be Found 2.5.5 is now available for download. is a web site with news on Mac OS X.

Sonnet lowers priced on G3 and G4 processor upgrades.

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