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July 23-30, 1999

At long last Apple has announced the iBook. It includes optional wireless networking based on the IEEE 802.11 DSSS standard. To use you will need a base for it to communicate to, here comes Apple's AirPort.
the new ibook...

Farallon also announced their entry to the wireless networking market, the SkyLINE is a PC Card based on the IEEE 802.11 DSSS standard.

Apple has a Hot News page for MacWorld New York 1999.

Purchase a Power Macintosh G3 MiniTower Computer by September 25 and receive and additional 128 Mb of RAM or an HP Deskjet 810c printer.

The Apple Store has undergone a redesign.

FileMaker Inc. released the FileMaker Pro 4.1v3 and 4.0v3 English Updaters. These updaters improve the handling of dates related to Y2K issues.

eMerge and The Dragon have "teamed up to fight for customer loyalty on the World Wide Web".

Version 2.4 of my "A Better Finder Rename" Macintosh Finder enhancement. This new release expands the string manipulation capabilities of the tool with a powerful "remove anywhere" feature.

Utopian, Inc. is seeking parties interested in a strategic alliance to help them market a new FMP development tool called LORE.

Waves in Motion announces oazium cc authorize 1.0, a Credit card validator which plugs FileMaker Pro into the world of Internet commerce.

The student-produced and directed romantic college comedy "Always Walk" has been accepted to numerous web and traditional film/video festivals! The project was shot on Hi-8 and edited entirely on a Macintosh PowerBook for under $200.

The ShareTheMac UsersGroup has released a new edition of ShareTheMac CD, the CD-ROM full of the latest shareware releases for the Mac and all the Apple software available for public download.

July 17-23, 1999

Maclaunch is a new Mac portal planning its official launch this week by giving away cool prizes like iMacs, G3 workstations, and awesome Mac software packages. Register for your free email account and for prizes.

Apple reported a third quarter profit of $203 Million marking its seventh consecutive profitable quarter.

BBEdit 5.1.1 updater has been released.

Power On Software has bought Now Up to Date, Contact and Planner from Qualcomm.

Version 1.8 of my "A Better Finder Select" Macintosh Finder enhancement is available. The new version introduces regular expression matching. has a review of MacOS Server.

Seti@Home has released version 1.06 which fixes a know looping bug. has an article comparing the AppleTalk versus TCP/IP.

As mentioned on, Spire USA has a line of backpacks for laptops which they call bombproof computer gear. and Onsale have announced a $400 Million merger.

July 09-16, 1999

PageNOW! eGate 1.0 will ship at Macworld Expo later this month.

Apple Wizards has just released their July issue.

http://Macs.Bon.Net is a macintosh freeware only site with news and web utilities in a familiar desktop enviroment.

"Always Walk" is a new student film shot on Hi-8 and edited entirely on a Mac PowerBook G3. It's a story of love, betrayal and redemption in a college dorm.

"A Better Finder Attributes" is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which allows users to quickly change attributes such as creation and modification dates as well as the Finder flags of single or multiple files or folders.

Sonnet Technologies dropped prices on G3 processor upgrades, now starting as low as $299.95.

Bugdom is a new game from the creator of Nanosaur available only for the Mac.

Satellite information for the MacWorld keynote is available.

Powerbook DVD Source is a resource for playing DVD's in Powerbooks.

Rumors say that Apple is looking at getting into the ISP business either by themselves or most likely using a partner.

July 03-09, 1999

Apple filed a complaint against Future Power and Daewoo for illegally copying the industrial design of the iMac.

Eudora released version 4.21 to fix a bug in the version released last week.

SETI At Home released version 1.05 of their SETI client.

Rumors of an Apple branded Palm Pilot are still floating around.

MacWorld Expo is coming to New York on July 20 to 23, 1999.

Macrevolution announced service to 48 States and all major cities in Canada.

Version 2.3 of my "A Better Finder Rename" expands the string substitution capabilies of "A Better Finder Rename".

Farallon's new Internet Starter Kit provides everything a user needs to share a single Internet connection over an Ethernet network.

This month's edition of 1984-online is ready download.

Troi Automatisering announced the release of Troi ClipSave Plug-in 1.0, for FileMaker Pro 4.0 (or later) on Mac and Windows.

TV Guide uses Applescript to help automate their production.

Apple has some ecommerce seminars for small businesses.

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