So you have a lot of web site submissions in your mail box... how do you process them into something useful. Mail Convert will convert your web site form submissions into a usable text file format. The text file can then be imported into any application supporting tab delimited text. (Order Online)

This version has been completely redesigned from the ground up. It was built using Real Basic. There is a known conflict between apps built with Real Basic and the Instant Palm Desktop so we recommend you disable that extension before running this application.

New Features:
  1. Updated with Universal Binary support
  2. Tabbed Interface
  3. Applescript Support
  4. Drag and Drop Support
  5. Built in Field Editor
  6. Online Update Checker
  7. Integrated help system
  8. Appearance Manager Compliant
  9. Uses Navigation Services
  10. Status indicator when processing file
  11. Purchase option to direct you to a web site to purchase immediately
  12. More...

Download Mail Convert 2.7.3 (Universal Binary)


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