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December 25-31, 1999

Happy New Year from!!

Apple may unveil new notebooks at MacWorld next week...

Apple has posted a patch to prevent Macintosh computers from being the cause of certain types of Denial of Service (DoS)issues.

OpenBase announced RADstudio, a rapid application development (RAD) environment for building Java-enabled database applications. OpenBase will show RADstudio in Developer Central booth 3059 at MacWorld SF 2000 (January 4-8).

3 Kids + Partners has developed a new technique for creating relationships based on multiple matching fields. A demo solution (3 files) is available for download.

Microsoft's Y2K update for Internet Explorer 4.5 and Outlook Express 5 is available.

Apple is listed as the "greenest" of the major computer manufacturers for 1999.

Version 2.0 of Seti-at-Home will be coming early in 2000.

Seti-at-Home also has shirts available for sale online.

ZDNet has reviewed Apple's wireless networking.

Troi Automatisering released Troi Coding Plug-in 1.5 and DocuScript 2.0 for FileMaker 5.

Full Software releases MouseGrabber 1.0 for FileMaker Pro. MouseGrabber returns screen co-ordinates or object clicked. Full support for FMP4 and FMP5, Windows and Macintosh.

Blue World announced the release of Lasso Studio for Macromedia Dreamweaver, the revolutionary new solution to quickly build powerful data-driven Web applications for deployment using the Lasso Web Data Engine.

MacLaunch is providing members with a fast, easy and free way to send cool Mac greeting cards to your friends online.

Compaq has entered into a licensing agreement with Be, Inc.

The MacWorld San Francisco keynote will be available through Quicktime 4.

ToolDaemon will let your Mac be accessed via Telnet.

December 18-24, 1999

As a special holiday gift for Macintosh MP3 fans worldwide, Audion and N2MP3 will be brought together and made available immediately to users at a special limited-time bundle price.

MacLaunch announced its new web search engine based on the Open Directory Project.

Apple Wizards' Mini-Reviews has published four new product reviews for your infotainment: FVPicker 1.0, Monsoon MH-500 Speakers, AMP Radio 1.0 and Quarters v1.0.3.

Qualcomm has announced it will now be providing the once dominant client for free, instead of two options - Eudora Light (freeware) or Eudora Pro (commercial) - users will receive one product, Eudora, which can operate in any of three user-selected modes: Sponsored mode, Paid mode or Light mode.

VSE Be Found 1.5.1 has been released. It features a new button in the "Validation" panel which many customers requested and some minor bug fixes.

Jim Clark's newest venture,, is scheduled to open for business, offering one-stop shopping for printing digital photos via the Web.

December 11-17, 1999

Macville has a "Deck Out Your Mac Christmas Contest". Prizes include Madden 2000, Tomb Raider III, Baldur's Gate, Descent 3, iShock USB Game Pad, Deathground, UniMouse, UniRiser, and iMac iReset button.

A possible Internet Exlorer bug has been found with an updater expected soon.

Version 2.0 beta 1 of "MacBreakZ!" has been released. MacBreakZ! is a personal ergonomic assistant which monitors your keyboard and mouse activity and helps you structure your computer use in a healthy manner which prevents computer-related injuries from developing.

FileMaker announced its new Box Set Site License. With the Box Set, organizations simply buy one license for 100 percent of their total number of employees or computers, whichever is less, and can deploy any combination of FileMaker Pro 5, FileMaker Server 5 and FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited.

eMerge 1.6 lets you spruce up your e-mail messages with HTML and send customized holiday greeting cards to everyone on your mailing list. A $20 rebate is available.

Farallon HomeLINE Holiday Special offers up to $40 Savings for Connecting Macs and PCs in the Home

Starter Kit [PN740-SK]
US Estimated Street Price $139
Holiday Special Price $99* - A $40 Savings
2 PCI cards, NetPack CD with Internet sharing software, 2 cables,
QuickStart & User Guide

Single Pack [PN740-SP]
US Estimated Street Price $79
Holiday Special Price $59* - A $20 Savings
1 PCI card, NetPack CD with Internet sharing software, 1 cable,
QuickStart & User Guide

Software and Information Industry Association has named FileMaker Pro 5 as a finalist in the Business Software - Best Products category in the 2000 Excellence in Software Awards, also known as the Codie Awards.

December 04-10, 1999

Apple has a site with a live broadcast of the Mars landing.

PowerMac G4's have received a speed bump and the low end now uses the same architecture as the high end.

On a non-Mac note, has many features including an online gift registry.

Microsoft's Office 98 updater addresses some MacOS 9 compatibility issues.

MacLaunch has officially opened its doors to the general public. It has partnered with companies such as Aladdin Systems, Bottom Line Distribution, MacConnect and StarNine to give away more than $15,000 in prizes to registered MacLaunch users.

Apple Wizards' Mini-Reviews has published four new product reviews for your infotainment: Snap-To 2.1.2, Scrollability 1.0.5, WhatRoute 1.6 and X-keys Desktop Keyboard USB. unveiled MacWasher, a Macintosh version of its Window Washer" software. This unique file and disk clean-up utility both preserves privacy and restores valuable hard drive space.

Sonnet Technologies announced a 360 MHz G4 upgrade for 6100, 7100 and 8100 NuBus Power Macs.

Sonnet Technologies drops prices by as much as 20% on G3 processor upgrades. The new prices are as follows:

Crescendo G3/PCI 266/512 $199.95 (was $249.95)
Crescendo G3/PCI 300/512 $249.95 (was $299.95)
Crescendo G3/PCI 300/1M $299.95 (was $349.95)
Crescendo G3/PCI 400/1M $399.95 (was $499.95)
Crescendo G3/PCI 466/1M $599.95 (was $649.95)
Crescendo G3/PCI 500/1M $699.95 (was $799.95)

Home Office Computing has chosen FileMaker Pro 5 one of the 100 best home office products of 1999.

FileMaker announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Server 5 (Worldwide English version), a powerful software application for hosting FileMaker Pro 5 databases.

An alternative web browser is nearing beta for the Mac.

Dell has announced their all-in-one, no floppy, internet ready computer.

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