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February 26-03, 2000

eMerge 1.6.2 has been released and allows data to come in more than three times faster.

Audion 1.5 is available and adds a deep (hierarchical) playlist, an automatic playlist organization feature, an alarm clock, ID3 tag editing, Karaoke mode, a highly-configurable interface, AppleScript support, live window dragging, improved MP3 playback (no pre-scanning), and many other new goodies!

Business Week online has an article talking about coming upgrades for Windows and MacOS X.

Alpha Centauri is a new game from the makers of the Civilization series feature excellent graphics.

Epson has released their Film Factory software for the Mac letting you organize your digital photos.

Palm Computing has introduced their color Pilot which is based on the Palm III series. February 19-25, 2000

The Powerbook has been updated to include a speed bump and SCSI has been replaced by Firewire.

The iBook is now available in a charcoal like the iMac DV Special Edition.

The PowerMac G4 has received an speed bump.

The Honda road racing crew uses PowerBooks to analyze performance of every one of their superbikes, in every US competition.

Apple and AOL veterans to try and make Linux easy.

MacOS X will ship with highest quality Japenese fonts and and the largest character set ever on personal computers.

Eudora has released Eudora Pro 4.3 which will operate in light, sponsored and full mode.

There is a 3 piece speaker system available for the iMac.

Earthlink was named best ISP by the MacHome Journal.

PageNOW! E-Mail Gateway 1.0.1 is now available for download. It corrects the following problems: Sometimes newly added accounts were not scanned until the gateway was quit and then restarted, Corrects problems eGate had with multiple minute checks when it was resorted (in reverse order) during a run.

Farallon announced an 11Mb version of their popular SkyLINE Wireless PC Card for portable computers.

StepUp Software announced the official release of modifyWindow Plug-in version 2.0 for FileMaker Pro 5 for Macintosh.

Sonnet Technologies will be exhibiting at the Cebit tradeshow in Germany.

February 12-18, 2000

Connectix injunction on selling its Virtual Game Station was overturned.

Apple changed its iTools contract last week due to the complaints of users on the "ownership" of posted files.

AppleCare Technician Training is available to consumers interested in working on their own machines.

Terminal Reality has released Fly!, a new flight simulator.

Sonnet Technologies, the will be exhibiting at the MacWorld Tokyo, highlighting all of its G3 and G4 upgrade product lines.

PaineWebber's analysis of computer sales shows Apple "posted an impressive performance in December, gaining a point of share in the retail channel to 8%, on unit growth of 60% y/y. Sales of iMacs were up 42% y/y, with strong support for the new generation iMacs."

February 05-11, 2000

Viventus announced the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) solution for FileMaker Pro. Users can now access, enter and update information to desktop based FileMaker Pro databases directly from cellular phones supporting WAP.

Videomaker Magazine, San Francisco Examiner and the Chicago Tribune have online reviews of the iMac DV.

A Wrinkle in Time, a collection of images from New Year's 2000, is mirrored on Apple's web site.

ATPM review of Apple's new Aqua Interface. You can also see Apple's MacOS X home page for more information.

Club Photo lets you share photos on the internet and they offer a Mac client.

PC Data has released numbers showing is the number 1 hardware site on the internet.
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