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April 29-05, 2000

Apple has released iMovie 1.02 for free to Mac users.

Microsoft announced the new Office 2001 for Macintosh due in the September timeframe.

Lithe Integration released ThemeMaker, a utility for Filemaker developers which allows you to create your own layout themes without having to write the background XML.

FileMaker released FileMaker Developer 5, allowing database developers to create powerful FileMaker Pro solutions for workgroups, the Web or as royalty-free runtime applications.

Comm-Unity Networking Systems announced the Beta Release of POP3it for the Macintosh Platform; plug-in that will allow you to download email directly into a FileMaker Pro database.

PageNOW! E-Mail Gateway 1.0.2 for MacOS was Released

For those who missed it, Ananova went live last week.

SETI@home version 2.04 is now available.

VSE Be Found version 1.7 is now available.

Palm announced their plan to add wireless functions to all devices.

April 22-28, 2000

Apple announced a profit of $233 Million for their second quarter.

Computer World on the new Pocket PC (Windows CE 3) compared to the Palm.

Palm plans to add wireless to their entire line.

Forbes on the resurgence of Apple who they wrote for dead a few years ago.

Comm-Unity Networking Systems released Mac SMTPit 2.0b1, for FileMaker Pro 4.x and 5.x. SMTPit is a very flexible FileMaker plug-in that allows you to send email directly from FileMaker.

Waves In Motion released Mac and PC versions its Date & Time plug-in which allows users to store and index dates from within FileMaker Pro. will be offering same day delivery on selected items.

April 15-21, 2000 will be offering same day delivery on selected items.

Apple announced it has acquired the DVD authoring software products and the associated underlying technology from Astarte GmbH, the award-winning developer of DVD authoring tools.

RaceBuilder(c) is a multilingual shareware software package geared towards race directors of sport events like 10K runs, swim meets, triathlons and many more.

VSE Link Tester is now available in version 2.0. The new version now tests links much faster on big web sites. It uses much less memory, has a much more responsive interface and fixes all known bugs from the first release.

Apple's iCard now lets you submit you artwork for possible inclusion as an iCard.

Ben and Jerry's made an iMovie and iCard about their April 18th free Ice Cream day.

Palm has a technote on Hotsyncing under MacOS 9.04 with their USB adapter.

MacOS Browser Throbbers are available for IE5. ResEdit is needed to install.

Calendar 2000 is a Mac calendar with many other features.

April 08-14, 2000

Apple released the MacOS 9.04 update available through Software Update and as a Disk Copy Image.

Apple had a large presense at Spring Internet World in Los Angeles.

Blue World announced Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver version 1.5, making it easier to instantly link databases to Web sites and to build powerful data-driven Web applications.

Troi Automatisering released Troi File Plug-in 2.0 for FileMaker 5.

Sonnet Technologies shipped a multi-function upgrade card, the Presto Plus, that provides all the necessary capability to enable 68020- and 68030-based Macintosh models to access the Internet, and run memory-hungry and performance-intensive applications under Mac OS 8.

Quicktime 4 has had over 32 Million Downloads and is adding new channels.

Clubphoto has added Palm access for sharing photos.

April 01-07, 2000

Internet Explorer 5 made its debut with its stylish new customizable interface and many new features.

VSE Link Tester is the easy-to-use link validation utility that allows you to fix dead links and locate missing resources.

Waves In Motion released version 2.0 of oAzium Charts, a plug-in for FileMaker Pro.

A full screen X-Men trailer is available from Apple.

Now Up-To-Date and Contact 3.9 will be available on April 6th with Palm synchronization capabilities.

Cisco passed Microsoft last week as the most valuable company in the world.

AvantGo is a service for mobile users. They have a Mac version available for Palm users. had a favorable review of AppleWorks 6.0.

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