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September 23-29, 2000

Mail Convert 2.1 has been released. The update features a field editor, drag and drop support, basic AppleScript support (including the ability to fully automate the conversion process included sample scripts) as well as a number of bug fixes.

The Apple Store has licensed the 1-Click checkout from Amazon.

Adaptec has released a Toast 4.11 updater.

Macintouch has a Mac OS X beta report with comments from those who have received their copy.

Panic has released an OS X version of their Audion MP3 player.

Real Basic 3.0a8 is now available. The technology preview will compile for Mac OS X.

Sixtyforce is a Nintendo 64 emulator for the Mac.

September 16-22, 2000

MacOS X Public Beta has been released and is available on CD for $29.95 from the Apple Store.

Bare Bones Software released BBEdit 6.0, the upgrade costs $39 for 4.5 or 5.X users and will give a free upgrade to the MacOS X Version.

MacFixIt's "Troubleshooting MacOS X" is a great resource for those running the new beta.

Apple's MacWorld Paris page has a variety of images of the Paris show.

From a Chicago Tribune article... "I can tell you, for a start, that software named iMovie2 running on a new Mac is the best thing to happen to soccer moms since the Ford Aerostar van." on "Moving to MacOS X".

Iconographer is an application to build and preview icons all the way up to MacOS X's 128x128 size.

Yahoo on Mac OS X and its potential future.

Astro is a simple, yet powerful Digital Asset Management Solution. Astro was created by ECXS Information Systems BV and uses FileMaker and the power of Troi plug-ins to let you find all your catalogued files quickly.

Sonnet Technologies announced the first G3 upgrade for the Power Mac 7200. The Crescendo G3/7200 will be available in Q4, 2000 for $499.95.

ISO Productions, Inc., announced the release of the Scriptology Developer's Toolkit for users of FileMaker Pro on both the Mac OS and Windows platforms.

The Cinco Group announced the release of Theme Creator 2, their Filemaker layout design utility. Theme Creator 2 is packed with new features and a sleek and efficient new interface.

iCamMaster allows you to browse and organize webcams.

For developers, try the as was noted on Macintouch.

MacSQL Monitor allows users to view schema information and issue queries to SQL Databases.

September 09-15, 2000

FileMaker has announced FileMaker Mobile for the Palm OS platform, an easy-to-use companion to FileMaker Pro 5 that will allow a user to transfer and synchronize data between FileMaker Pro databases on Windows and Mac OS systems and Palm Powered handhelds.

Mail Convert 2.04 is available for download. New features include online update notifications.

ExportFM is a plug-in for FileMaker Pro which allows the exporting of pictures, sounds, movies, and text stored in FileMaker fields as documents in their original file formats.

IBM and Dell are both fighting for the second spot in wireless laptops behind Apple.

Troi Automatisering released Troi Sesame Plug-in 1.2 for FileMaker 5 which automatically dismisses any dialog box that can block the operation of FileMaker 5.

oAzium cc Authorize (credit card authorization) for FileMaker Pro is now available.

Apple story on the making of the Terminator 2 DVD.

Macintosh Explorer is a file management tool for the Mac.

Real Basic 3.0a7 has been released. The latest alpha verion of their MacOS and MacOS X development tool.

September 02-08, 2000

Apple overview of the Seybold San Francisco Show.

VSE Link Tester is a tool which for broken links on your web site. Version 3.0 is now available. VSE My Privacy 1.2.1 is also available.

Transmit 1.6 is now availble for download.

Ascending Technologies released ThemeMonster, a visual utility for creating theme files to assist users of FileMaker Pro 5 as well as PerformanceMonster, a benchmarking utility.

GifBuilder 1.0, the freeware animated GIF builder, is now available.

Sonnet Technologies lowered prices on PowerBook 1400 G3 upgrades by $100.00.

Apple has identified a potentional source for some of the product leaks prior to MacWorld New York.

As noted on, a USB Laser Wand is available for the Mac. on the coming availability of MacOS X.

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