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October 21-27, 2000

Apple released its quarterly results which were below expectations.

Xicons has icons for the Mac including Mac OS X.

Railhead Design has Icons, Desktops, etc. for the Mac including Mac OS X.

The Mac OS X downloads page has been updated.

Handspring has released a color Visor.

An article with the creator of Kaleidoscope on Mac OS X and Aqua.

An letter from Ambrosia Software on the current Mac OS X beta offers a user and developers perspective.

An LA Times article on the beta of Mac OS X.

icWord 1.1 offers enhanced functionality of the Microsoft Word Viewer for the Mac.

October 14-20, 2000

Apple has launched a rebate program offering $300 off of a G4 Cube and a monitor.

Apple released a preview of Quicktime 5.

Thursby Software has released MacSOHO which allows you to network Macs and PC's on a small network.

Belgonap is a Cocoa Napster client for Mac OS X.

PowerOn Software has released Action Menus, the evolution of Now Menus.

VSE Be Found 2.1 is available. The new version 2.1 can now open up to 9 simultaneous connections to submit a web page to the search engines making it nearly twice as fast the previous version and saving more time.

Microsoft has some extras available for Office 2001 including some Applescripts and a Control Strip module.

MacWeek has an article on the Icons for Mac OS X.

MacInstruct is a good site for basic Macintosh troubleshooting.

G4 chips have hit 1Ghz, now if they are only adopted we might break out of the 500Mhz range.

Here is a hack to get most of the functions of the Finder back when running OS X.

MSNBC article on Mac OS X.

October 7-13, 2000

There have been many signs lately that Apple may be opening stores similar to Gateway.

An article on the drop in Apple's stock as well as a area.

REALBasic version 3.0a9 is now released.

You can listen to music from Madonna's web site in Quicktime format. is having an iMovie contest sponsored by Apple Computer.

Symantec has released a beta of Norton Utilities Version 6.0 which will repair Mac OS X volumes when booted in Mac OS 9.

SETI@home has released version 3.0 of their client as well as a Mac OS X version.

A ZDNet story says that Mac OS X is a hit with first users.

Sonnet Technologies is offering special pricing of $399.95 on 500 MHz Crescendo G3 upgrades for the PCI Macs.

Mac OS X forums for those looking for more information.

Here is a detailed page of Mac OS facts, including many on the use of UNIX.

September 30-October 6, 2000

Apple announced their third quarter earnings would be lower than expected and took a 50% hit (OUCH!) on their stock price.

Mail Convert 2.1 has been released. The update features a field editor, drag and drop support, basic AppleScript support (including the ability to fully automate the conversion process included sample scripts) as well as a number of bug fixes.

Handspring has announce a springboard cellular phone module which allows you to use your Visor as a phone.

Sonnet released their current OS X statement which details compatibility with Apple's new OS.

Apple has announced that the ADC to DVI connector to connect old Cinema and Studio displays to the new connectors on the G4 Cube and G4.'s first impressions of Mac OS X.

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