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January 27-February 2, 2001

Real Basic 3.0 Beta 6 has been released and is available for download.

An Apple article on Macs and special effects.

Print bar codes using Filemaker Pro and bar code fonts.

FileM@iler is an e-mailing solution made with FileMaker Pro 5.

ZDNet has a story about DVD authoring and whether it is the next killer app.

A review of the latest build of Mac OS X, the one most likely shown at MacWorld San Francisco.

A article about the market and its affect on companies like Apple.

MySQL is a plugin for Real Basic.

How stopping light could be used to change technology as we know it today.

An article about the PowerBook G4.

January 20-26, 2001

Real Software has released REALBasic 3.0b2 which is available for download. on Apples new iDVD and PowerMac G4.

Apple released their quarterly results this week.

FileMaker Pro 5 was chosen Best of the Year by the Washington Post.

Sonnet Technologies has hired all key engineering personnel of Newer Technologies, Inc.

Digital Post Production on the new Superdrive and iDVD.

Steve Jobs attending a meeting of Apple's resellers following MacWorld.

The new PowerBook G4 has successfully booted under Linux.

FileFax Pro/3 is a Fax PlugIn for FileMaker Pro on Windows and Mac OS.

January 13-19, 2001

Mail Convert 2.3 is now available for download.

Our FREE Mail a Mac service now includes the new PowerBook G4.

Among the many MacWorld San Francisco 2001 announcements: MacFixIt's Troubleshooting MacOS 9.1 section has many tips and solutions. They have also posted their list of MacWorld Expo's new products. on the new PowerBook G4.

A new beta of Napster for the Mac has been released.

Timbuktu Pro 5.2.4 has been released to offer compatibility with the MacOS 9.1 update.

Microsoft has announced they will be releasing Office for MacOS X this Fall.

Apple announced that MacOS X will ship on March 24th and has incorporated many user complaints back into the beta.

FileMaker will give a free copy of Filemaker Mobile to users who purchase or upgrade to FileMaker Pro 5 through March 16, 2001.

A Maccentral article about the importance of Killer-Apps to Apple's future.

Your iDisk will now contain 2 software folders. One for MacOS and another for MacOS X.

An Apple story on the use of Mac's as a mobile studio during Fox's Survivor series.

Barcode X is a app for generating barcodes which runs on MacOS X.

Graphic Converter 4.02 is now available for download.

January 1-12, 2001

Apple has made large cuts on the current Mac line, probably leading to new product announcements at MacWorld.

The long awaited 2.4 Kernel for Linux has been released.

Look It Up is a new freeware app from which simply displays your IP address and PPP status. It runs on both MacOS and MacOS X.

Newer Technology is shutting its doors.

The latest version of Rewind from Power On Software is available.

Sim Theme Park is available on the Mac.

McPoker is an IRC Poker client for the Mac.

Sonnet Technologies announced a new partnership with Fry's Electronics.

Audion 2.1 is available. Besides adding linked playlists, popularity ratings, hue shifting, live mixing, visualizer support, speed controls, a control strip module, and full MP3 encoding!

FileMaker has discontinued distribution of the Home Page web-authoring software as of February 1, 2001.

Apple has their latest TV ads online.

For information on DVD's, VCD's and much more, try here.

The latest beta version of Fetch 4.0 for MacOS X is now available.

A Time Digital article on Office 2001.

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