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February 24-March 02, 2001

Apple has updated the iMac with CD-R drives and patterns.

Apple's MacWorld Tokyo site has images and links to the keynote. has special coverage on MacWorld Tokyo.

iTunes 1.1 is now available for download.

Revelution is a Mac development system that allows rapid development of Internet enabled apps.

The new high end PowerMac's have begun to ship which includes the industries first SuperDrive.

VSE Be Found 2.51 has been released.

NewsWatcher 3.1 has been released.

Applelinks.Com announced the addition of Applelinks Web Mail.

Mac Night Owl is an information and support site.

Here are some comparisons between the PowerBook G4 and the latest PowerBook G3.

Resexcellence has a review of Real Basic 3.0.

MacSSH is a secure Telnet client which has an update available.

cc Authorize is a Filemaker plugin which does credit card authorization.

February 17-23, 2001

Quicktime 5 Preview 3 is now available and will solve the expiration of Preview 2.

An Apple article on the use of Macs during a journey through Antartica. on their first observations with a Titanium Powerbook.

RealBasic 3.0 is now final and available for purchase.

Sears will be entering the home networking market.

Businessweek Online article on video and iMovie 2.

February 10-16, 2001 review and comments on the PowerBook G4. has information on synching Outlook 2001 with a Palm.

Mac OS Rumors reports that the latest builds of Mac OS X are showing an "an impressive picture of the final release."

Microsoft is reported to be changing the naming convention on the next version of windows to Windows XP... is it their solution to Mac OS X?

Clean-Install Assistant will assist you in moving all extensions over to a clean system folder.

February 3-9, 2001 has comments from some users who have begun receiving their new Titanium PowerBooks.

A article about the ease of use of the Airport.

Connectix DoubleTalk will allow you to share files on a Windows network.

A yahoo group for Mac Professionals that has been started.

Invisible Finder allows you to view the invisible files on your drive.

Apple expects to show a profit for the current quarter after last quarters loss.

An article on a company wide meeting by Steve Jobs where he tells Apple employees they "can't relax".

The PowerBook G4 Titanium has begun shipping from the Apple Store.

More information on Apple's forthcoming SuperDrive.

Practically Networked is a resource for networking information from setup to hardware.

The Wall Street Journal on Apple's new Titanium PowerBook.

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