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April 21-27, 2001

Apple reported a profit of $43 million for the last quarter.

Apple has scheduled a press event for May 1st with speculations running on a wide number of things that could be announced.

BBEdit now has a Mac OS X version available.

Lockheed has Quicktime movies of the new Joint Strike Fighter. has info and pictures on some of the rumored Apple stores.

An Apple TIL article on setting up multiple Airport base stations for roaming. shows a bag designed to hold the Powerbook G4 Titanium.

ChartMaker Pro 5.0 gives you the ability to create line charts, bar charts, column charts, scatter charts, and pie charts all using FileMaker's built-in features.

MacPopUp is an instant messenger designed for LAN's and is available for Mac OS and Windows.

A Toast 5.01 update is available but does not yet support Mac OS X.

Monkey Island is a game available for Mac OS.

Apple appears to be updating their processor speeds in the PowerMac G4 line.

April 14-20, 2001

Oculus 3.0 is software that you can use to run a Webcam with many features or if you just need basic features with low overhead, you can try the freeware Stripcam.

Apple has ranked at the top of a tech support survey.

TaskMenuBar is a control panel that uses the empty space on the menu bar for many operations such as launching and switching applications, and opening files.

Elfdata has an XML editor for both Mac OS and Mac OS X.

Drop Drawers is available for both Mac OS and Mac OS X.

REALBasic 3.1b8 has been released and is now available for download.

Apple is selling a "mobile newsroom" consisting of a Ti PowerBook, Video Camera, Airport Base Station and Final Cut Pro.

An Apple article on the Sacramento Bee newspaper and their use of Macs to create videos.

Microsoft announced that Windows XP will not support USB 2.0 instead opting to support FireWire.

A "Liquid Theme" is available for use with the Appearance control panel which will make your Mac look like Mac OS X.

Newtourage will let you sync you Newton with Microsoft Entourage.

April 07-13, 2001

Microsoft has released Service Release 1 for Office 2001.

An article on using iDVD on a Mac with a Superdrive and comparing it to a Compaq version.

Computerware, a Mac chain in Northern California, has closed its doors.

Visorcentral has a April Fools day page showing Mac OS X on the Visor.

An Applescript 1.6 updater has been released by Apple.

March 31-April 06, 2001

Apple's laptop sales have surged while other computer makers have fallen based.

Windows Media Player 7 for the Mac is available for download.

Microsoft is selling Office 2001 for Mac with a $50 rebate and 50% off the Mac OS X version when it comes out.

O'Reilly has a Mac development center on their web site and will have some upcoming books for programming on Mac OS X.

Apple has in store events planned to go along with the launch of Mac OS X.

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