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July 13-31, 2001

At MacWorld New York, Apple released a new PowerMac G4.

Apple has posted a third quarter profit of $61 Million.

Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing Office for Mac OS X in September.

TimeSlice 2.1 beta is now available for download. has an article on Apple and the Megahertz gap.

An article on Apple's DVD Studio Pro.

Quickie Photos to Web will generate web pages based on a bunch of images.

July 13-19, 2001

Apple has regained the number one spot in education according to the latest numbers. is a reference for hosting web sites on a Mac. has the latest rumors for next weeks MacWorld.

Adobe's Atmosphere allows you to navigate the web through 3D worlds. A beta Mac client is coming soon.

For information on VPN software for the Mac, try

ecOrganizer is a Filemaker Pro based Workgroup Organizer, Contact and Project Management System.

For those with an Apple AC Power Supply matching the recall, you can request your new one here.

July 6-12, 2001

The PowerMac G4 Cube has been discontinued.

Aimster is now available for the Mac.

Here is an Apple article on developer's support for Mac OS X after the 2001 WWDC.

TimeSlice 2.0, the time-tracking solution from Maui Software, is now available.

aspWrite is a code editor, targeted at Active Server Pages (VBscript).

A REALbasic tutorial on how to write a caller Id application.

Microsoft is offering a Word + Entourage bundle with an upgrade path to the Mac OS X version.

MacPopUp 2.5 enables Instant Messaging across Mac OS X, Mac OS and Windows.

A article on security and Mac OS X.

Tropico lets you control a virtual island and is now available for the Mac.

June 29-July 5, 2001

The final version of Outlook 2001 has been released and is available for download from Microsoft.

Mimio is a collaboration tool that instantly turns any whiteboard into a digital device that captures handwritten color text and drawings as real-time data.

The latest version of Napster is now available. All older versions are said to have been deactivated.

SIM express allows you to update and backup the address book in GSM phones.

Steve Jobs spoke at the NECC 2001 keynote, more info is available here.

Apple has hired FreeBSD co-founder Jordan Hubbard to be part of the Core OS Engineering Department.

As noted on, there is a new Channel on regarding Mac security.

Here are some instructions on how to backup and restore a Mac OS X disk... but remember to use at your own risk.

Acrux Software announced iBuild version 1.0.3, a multimedia authoring and presentation tool for the Mac. A Mac OS X version is coming.

Here is a web page on how to repair the power problem that some Airport Base Stations have seen.

RBulkBuilder will allow you to bulk build applications in REALbasic. Especially useful if you have different versions for each language.

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