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August 25-31, 2001

Mac OS 9.2.1 Update is now available for download.

Intacct provides an enterprise level web-based accounting solution for Windows and Macintosh.

Steve Jobs will give the keynote for the Apple Expo in Paris.

Apple has announced that there will no new hardware announcements in Paris and his keynote will instead focus on Mac OS X.

The final version REALbasic 3.5 is now available for download.

MacTracker 1.1 is now available for both Mac OS 9 and X.

Stargazer's Delight will show the sky as seen from any location on the planet.

Keep It Up will monitor running applications on a server and restart them if they have crashed.

Aquafiles is a Mac OS X software directory.

August 18-24, 2001

Rumors appear that Mac OS 9.2.1 will be released soon.

TimeSlice 2.1.3 and a TimeSlice 2.2 beta are both available for download.

Be Accountable is a Filemaker based application for project management, contacts, scheduling, job cost and more.

MacHTTP is the original Mac web server and has been updated with complete ACGI AppleEvent support.

QuickKeys has a bet version available for MacOS X.

Timbuktu Pro 6.0 is now available and supports Mac OS 8.6 through X.

Sophos has anti-virus software available for the Mac.

Be software is being purchased by Palm for $11 million in stock.

Macdirectory has a site on Apple's evolution.

A Better Finder Rename has reached version 4.0 Preview 1 and has been carbonized.

Keyspan has a page listing the Mac OS X versions of its drivers.

Apple has detailed plans to spend $85 million on its new stores.

Alfred Van Hoek's page has a bunch of REALbasic plugins.

Waves in Motion has release Analyzer 3.0 beta and Visualizer 1.0 beta for FileMaker Pro.

The Filemaker Plugin DialogMagic 5.5 has been released and includes eleven new functions.

Suck It Down will download images off a web page and will now run on Mac OS classic and Mac OS X.

Brushfire produces cross-reference script reports that allow intermediate and advanced FileMaker Pro users to debug, clean-up, and document their solutions.

REALglot is a utilitie that helps you localize your REALbasic applications.

Thursby Software has released a free version of DAVE for Mac OS X.

An Apple sneak peak at Microsoft Office 10 for Mac OS X.

August 8-17, 2001

Time Track is a simple "time saving program" that allows you to track your time. For a more full featured time and billing program we recommend Time Slice.

Update Agent is available for Mac OS X.

Son of Weather Grok 4.01 is now availabe. Among other things, it now retrieves data up to 200% faster.

Dataviz has released a Palm app that lets you view PowerPoint presentations on the Palm.

Apple is shutting down its KidSafe service due to low customer usage.

Sprint is releasing a PCS cellphone module for Handspring's visor. is a resource for Palm users with Macs as well as Newton users.

TimeShark is a Filemaker Pro based time and billing package.

TimeSlice 2.1.2 is now available for download.

Newtourage, the software to sync a Newton with Entourage, is now at version 0.5.

TheAppleCollection has desktop pictures and more for customizing your Mac.

SnapzPro is now available for Mac OS X.

FileMaker Server 5.5 is now available for Mac OS X rewritten in Cocoa.

Dialpad is an internet telephony application that is now available for Mac OS X.

A BW Online article talking about Mac OS X. offers an easy way to buy or sell Macs and Mac-related products.

Brian's Hangout is a resource for Filemaker Pro development.

Green is an email client for the Mac that is currently in beta.

A firewire docking kit is available that will use Powerbook G3 expansion drives.

MSN Messenger 2.0 is available for the Mac as a free download.

ZDNet on the new PowerMac G4 and Mac OS X 10.1.

Macintouch has their MacWorld NY 2001 report online.

Golden Retriever is a network file distribution tool for Mac networks.

August 1-7, 2001

Mac OS X Software:
  1. FaxSTF is coming to Mac OS X in Quarter 3 of 2001.
  2. Toast has a Mac OS X beta now available.
  3. MacLinkPlus is now available on Mac OS X.
  4. A Better Finder Rename version 4.0 Preview 1 for Mac OS X is now available.
  5. Always Thinking's X-10 home automation tool, Thinking Home, has been carbonized to run on Mac OS X.
  6. Oculus 3.1 is an update to the Carbon version of the cam software which recently expired.
  7. Super Get Info is a Mac OS X app similar to the Get Info command in Mac OS 9.
  8. A Palm OS emulator is now available for Mac OS X.
  9. Appleworks 6.2 is now final for Mac OS X.
  10. Snard is a customizable dock based launcher for Mac OS X.
  11. MacGIMP is an open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop which runs on Mac OS X.
  12. This docking will display network info on Mac OS X.
  13. FileMaker Pro 5.5 adds support for native Mac OS X and Windows 2000 (logo-certified).
  14. Norton Antivirus 7.02 beta is now available for Mac OS X.
  15. There is a Calendar dockling available for Mac OS X.
  16. The Moose's Apprentice allows you to modify and monitor your network settings.
  17. OSXvnc is a program that allows you to view and interact with your Mac OS X desktop from another computer over a network. It's based on the VNC protocol developed at AT&T Laboratories Cambridge.
  18. Mac OS X 10.0.1 has been released and is available via the software update control panel.
  19. Son of Weather Grok is now available for Mac OS X.
  20. Intego announced the upcoming availability of its entire product line of security programs for Mac OS X including NetBarrier, ContentBarrier, VirusBarrier, Internet Security Barrier, DiskGuard, FileGuard and Personal Backup.
  21. Acrobat Reader 5.0 is now available for download. Though it is a Classic installer, Acrobat Reader will run as a Carbon app under Mac OS X.
  22. MacVCD is a VCD player which is available for Mac OS X, though the VCD will need to be recorded as a Mac OS volume since X cannot read VCD's.
  23. Netopia has a preview version of Timbuktu for Mac OS X.
  24. Brickhouse lets you enable the firewall built into Mac OS X.
  25. America Online has released a Beta version for of AOL 5.0 for Mac OS X.
  26. Dantz has released the first beta of a Retrospect client for Mac OS X.
  27. GraphicConverter is now available for Mac OS X.
  28. ASM adds an application menu back to the right hand side of the menu bar in Mac OS X.
  29. X-ScreenCapture is a screen capture utility for Mac OS X.
  30. PageSentry has been announced for Mac OS X coming this spring.
  31. Health Tracker from Black Cat Systems is now available for Mac OS X.
  32. A beta of Eudora 5 is available for Mac OS X.
  33. MenuStrip 1.5 is now available.
  34. The first Mac OS X release version of Mail Convert is available.
  35. Sring Cleaning 3.5 is now available for Mac OS X.
  36. Pepper is a text editor available for both Mac OS and Mac OS X.
  37. Macromedia announced Freehand 10 will be available for Mac OS X.
  38. NFS Manager allows you to customize and enable features in Mac OS X.
  39. Dantz will offer a client to allow you to backup Mac OS X and later a Mac OS X version of Retrospect.
  40. Docking Maneuvers 1.1 allows you to enable an option letting you move the dock.
  41. Apples Mac OS X Applicatons page.
  42. Apples Mac OS X Downloads page.
  43. AOL has released a version of Instant Messenger for Mac OS X.
  44. Toast 5 Titanium is now available from Roxio and promises a free MacOS X update.
  45. The firmware updates for the iMac, iBook, PowerBook G3, G4 Cube and PowerMac G4 are available from Apple. Their use is cautioned though until the RAM problems are solved.
  46. DockIt is a Mac OS X utility that allows you to dock hard drives and folders.
  47. iMap is a mapping tool designed for Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Articles:
  1. has tips on using Mac OS X.
  2. has an article on how to create dockings for Mac OS X.
  3. A ZDNet article on Mac OS X and its UNIX underpinnings.
  4. A Webmonkey article on using Mac OS X as a web server.
  5. Here is a Chicago Sun Times article praising Mac OS X.
  6. A very thorough review of MacOS X goes into many details about the new OS.
  7. Is Mac OS X a threat to Linux? After comments made by original creator of Linux, one has to wonder.
  8. Here is a very good article from ars technica called "Mac OS X 10.0".
  9. A article detailing some of the features of Mac OS X.
  10. An Apple page with links to many articles about their reaction to Mac OS X.
  11. Mac OS news including a Mac OS X 10.0.1 updater that you should use at your own risk.
  12. An article detailing what will be available in Mac OS X.
  13. has news and rumors regarding the upcoming Mac OS X update.
  14. CNET on the launch of Mac OS X last weekend.
Mac OS X Tips:
  1. Want to learn the basics of Mac OS X... try this site for free.WAVES IN MOTION ANNOUNCES POLL-IT 3.0 BETA Cross-platform Web Polling Tool
  2. This web page has information on making Mac OS X run as quickly as possible.
  3. Get hints and much more at
  4. has a page devoted to using the terminal in Mac OS X.
  5. Here is a list of UNIX books to help with Mac OS X.
  6. Sonnet Technologies announced OS X compatibility for their Sonnet Encore/ZIF and Encore/ST G3/G4 processor upgrades.
  7. The Mac OS X Little Black Book is a complete guide to migrating to and setting up OS X.
  8. Hacking X has info on changing your Mac OS X system.
  9. Earthlink has a Mac OS X help page setup.
  10. An Apple discussions page has a list of the many discussing groups on Apple's web site.
  11. The FreeBSD Handbook is a good reference for UNIX.
  12. has a Mac OS X question and answer page.
  13. There are developer release notes for Mac OS X available from Apple.
  14. has a resource center for Mac OS X.
  15. has a number of email lists available for users of Mac OS X.
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