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October 26-November 5, 2001

Our new Say What application has been flying off the virtual shelves. Say What allows you to remotely launch applications using a web browser and is available for both Mac OS and Mac OS X. Get your copy today.

unlockAll is a utility for batch locking and unlocking files.

Office v.X is rummored to have the same internet registration feature of Windows XP which would limit you from installing it on 2 machines even if you only use 1 at a time. They have also announced its November 19 release date.

X-Droplet allow you to change the file and creator types on files.

TinkerTool version 2.01 has been released and is available for download.

Selznick Scientific released an update for PasswordWallet(tm) for MacOS to version 2.6.1.

Waves in Motion released Visualizer 1.0, an entity relationship (ER) diagramming tool for FileMaker Pro.

Piccolo is a USB storage device the size of a key. It comes in 32MB, 64MB, 128MB or 256Mb versions.

Dave 3.1, the windows file and printer sharing solution, is now available for Mac OS X 10.1.

Unsanity has released a "haxie" called Windowshade X which brings the windowshade function back to Mac OS X.

Iconfactory has gone through a complete site design and is now having their Halloween theme.

Apple has released their iPod. It is a Firewire based MP3 player which holds up to 1,000 songs and weighs 6.5 ounces with an deep integration to iTunes 2. It can also double as a 5 Gig Firewire hard drive.

October 20-26, 2001

Apple has released their iPod. It is a Firewire based MP3 player which holds up to 1,000 songs and weighs 6.5 ounces with an deep integration to iTunes 2.

Updated 10/23/01. Say What has been updated to version 1.02 fixing an error when using Netscape and an error launching after an update. We have released a brand new product called Say What. It allows you to remotely launch applications, documents, and applescripts over TCP/IP from a web browser on a remote machine. Download your copy today!

Apple will unveil a new digital device next week. There are many rumors as to what it will be but we expect it to break new ground.

Apple has updated both the iBook and the PowerBook G4.

Bare Bones has released BBEdit version 6.5

Apple reported a profit of $66 million for their fourth quarter.

Chronos has updated Personal Organizer to version 4 and it now includes Mac OS X support.

Wheredidallmymoneygo is will now run on Mac OS X as a carbon application.

Toon Boom Studio has an update available to fix some issues with Mac OS X 10.1.

Menu Strip 2.0 is available and adds support for Mac OS X 10.1.

QuickConvert allows you to change the Type and Creator codes for files dropped on it.

Mac Army Knife has been updated to version 2.6.

SwitchBack is a file synchronization and backup utility.

An arstechnica article on the lastest version of Mac OS X.

Typist 1.0 is types text for you. Simply configure Typist with text you type frequently and select it from Typist's system-wide menu.

PC Magazine on the Mac OS X 10.1 update.

Apple on the site which is created on Macs.

October 13-19, 2001

DaMaGe is a disk creation utility for Mac OS X 10.1

Kids GoGoGo is a internet filtering application which will run on Mac OS 9.

Maccentral has an image capture compatibility list available as well as a review of the application.

Print Window adds a print capability back to the Finder in Mac OS X 10.1. has a long but good article on Mac OS X and its adherence to the Human Interface Guidelines from the original Mac OS.

An Infoworld article on the scalability of Mac Servers.

Epson has reportedly cut prices on some printers and digital cameras and announced new drivers will be available for Mac OS X 10.1.

Humongous has a review of their kids sports games on the Apple web site. has a Samba server available for download. This will allow you to share files from Mac OS X with Windows and UNIX machines.

piDock is an Application launcher available for Mac OS X.

Apple has reviewed Quickeys which is now available on Mac OS X.

Here are the findings of a study on the PowerBook G4 as a portable workstation.

Version 4.1 of "A Better Finder Rename" Macintosh Finder enhancement is now available.

Avisa Photo is available at a special 50% discount to students.

Print Explosion 2.01 is now available. The releases fixes some support issues for Mac OS X.

Icon Brush is an icon editing program targeted for MacOSX but will run under OS9 with CarbonLib

Here is an Apple KB article on how to fix a problem where Apache won't start after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.1.

Selznick Scientific Software announced an update for PasswordWallet for MacOS to version 2.6.

Alarm Clock Pro version 4.0 is now available for download.

nanonation, who develops internet enabled kiosks, has chosen to use Mac OS X as the bases for their next generation kiosk.

OpenBase SQL 7.0 brings new power and ease-of-use to fault-tolerant OpenBase SQL.

October 5-12, 2001

Iconographer is an icon creation utility which supports Mac OS 8 and above including Mac OS X.

Stimpsoft has updated Son on Weather Grok as well as other applications for Mac OS X 10.1 compatibility.

Microsoft has released a PowerPoint/Excel 2001 for Mac Macro Vulnerability Update.

PowerTicker gathers information from a growing number of online financial sites around the world.

For those of you who experienced a problem with Apache breaking after installing Mac OS X 10.1, here is the fix.

Tcl for the Mac is available as a commercial package.

School Time Quizzer is an application for giving quizzes to students as the name implies.

Timbuktu for Mac OS X is available and has a list of compatibility information for the 10.1 update. is the home of the Pocket PC synchronization package for the Mac which will also support Mac OS X.

FaxElite is network and single user fax software for the Mac.

Here is a site with ports of UNIX software for Mac OS X.

ASM adds the application menu back to Mac OS X 10.1. Version 2.0b1 adds support for the Mac OS X 10.1 features.

Open Door has a Mac internet security book that is now available through

A Maccentral article on moving to Mac OS 10.1.

Apple Knowledge Base article #106471 explains how to use the SMB support built into Mac OS X 10.1. Basically a URL such as smb://workgroup;server/share works for us where workgroup could also be a domain.

Acrux Software announced iBuild Lite/Pro version 1.1 public beta 1 of the HyperCard-like multimedia authoring package.

A article spotlighting the new Mac OS X 10.1 and Windows XP.

Sonnet Technologies announced 128MB DIMMs at a very special price of $49.95 with the purchase of any Crescendo/PCI or Crescendo/7200 processor upgrade card.

John Cook, senior director of Product Marketing at Palm said the following: "Palm Desktop for Mac OS X takes full advantage of new Mac OS X technology" and "Instant Palm Desktop takes on a new twist in Mac OS X - simply click and hold on an icon in the Dock to get fast access to Palm Desktop data, find contacts or create new records. We've also redesigned the look and feel for Mac OS X and improved data compatibility for better synchronization with Palm handhelds."

United Airlines now has a Palm conduit available which will automatically download their current schedule and sync it to your Palm.

Audion is available for both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X where the X version has been designed with specific X features in mind.

September 29-October 5, 2001

The Mac OS X page has been updated with 10.1 info and now includes a resource directory with a lot of different information.

Mac OS X 10.1 will be available this weekend in stores.

Applescript has many new features available under Mac OS 10.1 including: Web Services, Script Menu and AppleScript Studio.

Along with the launch of Mac OS X 10.1, Microsoft has released a Word Test Drive which is a free download. You can read more on the entire Office Suite here.

FileMaker Developer 5.5 will be available on October 1st.

Password Retriever 2.1 is avialable for both Mac OS and Mac OS X.

PalmMac now has a new web address.

An article on the new features of AppleScript in Mac OS X 10.1

Roxio has released a new Toast Beta for Mac OS X. Only current Toast 5 Titanium owners can download it.

MacWorld UK reports on the Palm Desktop coming to Mac OS X by the end of the year.

Gideon Softworks has a new version of Get Info available.

Gene Steinberg on the lastest Mac OS X 10.1 update.

Spring Cleaning 4.01 is now available and includes support for Mac OS X.

Apple has rescheduled QuickTime Live 2001.

@-Time shows the time in up to 4 different cities as well as internet and GMT time.

Extensis has released Suitcase 10 which also adds support for Mac OS X.

palmCopy will allow you to sync your Palm (or only Backup) under Mac OS X.

Apple has created an Apple Expo page since they cancelled the Paris Expo.

Everyday Software has a number of applications, all built for Mac OS X.

Maccentral has a detailed look at Microsoft's Mac Business Unit.

Epson's page showing their current products and support for Mac OS X.

Adobe InDesign 2.0 is coming soon along with Illustrator 10. Both will include native support for Mac OS X.

Here is an Apple article on iPostini and their use of Macs in video production for Showtime.

Missing Sync 2.0 has been released supporting the Sony 300, 320, 610, 700 and 710.

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