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Virtual TimeClock 16 Helps Employers Simplify Labor Compliance
Posted 5/25/2016 at 3:20 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
California based Redcort Software Inc. today announces Virtual TimeClock 16, an important update to the company's popular timecard management application for Macintosh and Windows PC computers. Virtual TimeClock impartially records the exact time as it occurs, removing any guessing or estimating of arrivals, departures, breaks and lunches. Version 16 helps companies eliminate unwanted overtime and reduce labor costs by ensuring that worker start, stop, and meal break times are properly observed.

RailModeller Pro 5.1: Introducing tunnel sections and layer defaults
Posted 5/25/2016 at 3:20 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Isle of the Kakapo today announces RailModeller Pro 5.1, a comprehensive update to their popular model railroad and slot car layout design solution for Mac OS X. RailModeller Pro offers sophisticated design tools that enable hobbyists to easily design model train and slot car track layouts via drag & drop. The app includes a library catalog covering over 200 track systems in all major model scales, allowing for custom designs of almost any layout a user can visualize.

SnipNotes 2.0 - Intelligent note-taking for iOS and Apple Watch
Posted 5/25/2016 at 3:19 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Felix Lisczyk introduces SnipNotes 2.0 for iOS and Apple Watch. SnipNotes combines a highly configurable clipboard manager with an intelligent note-taking app: Users can quickly save any content from their clipboard and more. SnipNotes categorizes notes automatically based on their content and provides a set of actions for each type. SnipNotes integrates into notification center on iPhone and iPad, so users can save content and use actions from anywhere and don't need to open the app first.

Remotix VNC & RDP 6.0 for iOS is out with more than a dozen new features
Posted 5/25/2016 at 3:19 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Nulana LTD today announces Remotix VNC & RDP 6.0, a huge update to their very popular remote desktop tool developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Remotix VNC & RDP 6.0 is a very fast, secure and feature-packed remote control application. This new release includes, among other things, support for RD Gateway and Swiftpoint GT Bluetooth Mouse, automatic reconnect feature, true multitasking implementation, RDP live resolution & scale change and much more.

Maintain Releases Cocktail 9.3 (El Capitan Edition)
Posted 5/25/2016 at 3:19 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Maintain today announces Cocktail 9.3 (El Capitan Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X El Capitan 10.11. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Macs. This version adds OS X 10.11.5 compatibility and ability to clear iCloud caches. It also adds ability to disable animation when showing and hiding Launchpad or Mission Control and resolves a number of minor issues discovered in the previous release.

goPanel 1.0.3: A Reliable cPanel Alternative to Manage Linux Web Servers
Posted 5/25/2016 at 3:19 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Global Web today announces goPanel 1.0.3, an important update to their comprehensive remote Unix server management app for Mac OS X. goPanel offers a reasonably priced alternative to the expensive cPanel software normally used to administer Unix-based web servers. Setup is quick and easy, taking only minutes per web server to setup and connect. Version 1.0.3 offers added support for Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 7 & 8, improved user authentication support, bug fixes, and more.

Remote * Pro 5.0.3 - Remotely Controls a Mac from Any iOS Device
Posted 5/25/2016 at 3:18 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Indie developer, Evgeny Cherpak today announces Remote * Pro 5.0.3, an important update to his popular remote control app for iOS devices. Remote * Pro allows anyone to remotely control their Mac OS X computer, using just their iOS device. Users can control the volume, enter text, run apps, and select icons, all via the app's built-in keyboard, trackpad, and volume controls. Version 5.0.3 brings a larger volume thumb wheel, and now displays the same orientation for the trackpad and keyboard.

Sl's Repository Ltd releases Browsy 1.2 for iOS
Posted 5/25/2016 at 3:18 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Sl's Repository Ltd today announces Browsy 1.2, a massive update to their smart fullscreen web browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Browsy is a smart fullscreen web browser that allows you to browse the web without anything getting in your way. Version 1.2 goes above and beyond your iPhone with a ton of new features including an Apple Watch App, Reading View, Notes View, Tabs, Support for iOS 9 features like Keyboard Shortcuts, Spotlight, iPad Multitasking, 3D Touch and more.

iTunes 12.4 includes simplified design
Posted 5/16/2016 at 17:30 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
iTunes 12.4 simplifies the design with updated navigation, media picker, sidebar and menus.

OS X El Capitan v10.11.5 Update
Posted 5/16/2016 at 17:28 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
OS X El Capitan v10.11.5 Update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, and is recommended for all users. This update includes the following enterprise changes: Fixes an issue where applying a configuration profile to set allowSpotlightInternetResults to False would cause Spotlight to use large amounts of CPU time; Fixes an issue where applying a configuration profile to set ShutDownDisabledWhileLoggedIn to True would have no effect; and Fixes an issue where only a single NetBoot image would appear in the Startup Disk pane of System Preferences, even if multiple NetBoot images were configured on the server.

iOS 9.3.2 includes bug fixes
Posted 5/16/2016 at 17:26 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
iOS 9.3.2 fixes bugs and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad.

Default Folder X 5.0.4 adds options, fixes bugs
Posted 5/15/2016 at 0:45 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Denver-based St. Clair Software today releases Default Folder X 5.0.4, an update to their award-winning utility for Mac OS X. Default Folder X enhances the file dialogs in all Mac OS X applications. It provides fast navigation to your files, convenient previews, integrated Spotlight tagging, and more. Default Folder X's custom keyboard shortcuts put your favorite and recent folders at your fingertips. This release adds user-requested features and improves compatibility.

Stahl Labs releases Awa 1.2 for Mac OS X - New AI Voice Assistant
Posted 5/15/2016 at 0:45 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Indie development studio, Stahl Labs AB today introduces Awa 1.2, a brand new AI Voice Assistant for Mac OSX. Awa will help you perform tasks like searching the web, opening apps and creating todos as well as more complex tasks using only your voice. Its like Siri but for your computer. Awa is based on a fully automated speech recognition and artificial intelligence engine that analyzes voice input in milliseconds. New features are added every day and Awa gets smarter and smarter all the time.

NetShade 7.0 Offers Mac OS X Users Complete Proxy and VPN Services
Posted 5/15/2016 at 0:45 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Indie development house, Rayner Software today announces NetShade 7.0, an important update to their Proxy and VPN utility app for Mac OS X. NetShade offers Mac users the ability to change their computer's Internet address by routing through a dependable VPN or Proxy server. The app offers users a number of benefits, including anonymity, security, additional content access, and more. Version 7.0 brings IPv6 compatibility, a new user interface & backend helper tool, better VPN logging, and more.

Tembo 2.1 - Easy and Effective Search for Files, Messages, Images & More
Posted 5/15/2016 at 0:44 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Houdah Software today releases Tembo 2.1, an update to the file search utility for Mac OS X. Tembo is an efficient search tool that is based upon the Spotlight engine. It makes finding documents, mail messages, bookmarks, images and more as easy as possible. Tembo's strengths are its easy-to-use interface as well as the context sensitive filters to narrow down search results. Version 2.1 offers improved performance and responsiveness, and much more.

Qbserve v1.2 - Automatic Private Time Tracker for Mac OS X
Posted 5/15/2016 at 0:44 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
QotoQot introduces Qbserve 1.2, an automatic private time tracker for Mac OS X. Qbserve knows productivity rates for thousands of sites and apps and has a unique ability to differentiate between chats in Skype, Slack, and Telegram, YouTube videos, and subreddits. All the tracked information is stored privately on the user's machine. Qbserve offers many useful features, including flexible tracking settings, dynamic dock & menu bar icons, detailed feedback charts, alerts for goals, and reminders.

Beevr - The app to keep your neighbors connected with almost everything
Posted 5/15/2016 at 0:44 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Houston based Beevrhood, Inc. announces Beevr 2.1, an update to their interactive social networking app developed for iOS devices. Beevr was developed specifically to support the needs and concerns of neighborhood communities, with the aim to help keep their members informed and connected on inner social interests. With this App the objective seeks to achieve integration and active participation from residents in a privately, safely way and according to the interests of each person.

iClipboard 6 has a new interface and more
Posted 5/13/2016 at 20:40 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
iClipboard 6 includes a new interface, long text clippings, overhauled plain text pasting, On-the-fly text transformations instead of global setting, clipping info shown directly in Shelf, overhauled Shelf resizing to be less complicated, shortcuts are now shown in the menu bar, improved performance and more.

FileMaker 15 adds numerous new features
Posted 5/10/2016 at 17:45 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
FileMaker 15 adds support for Touch ID, 3D Touch, iBeacons and support for a response user interface.

Reggie Ashworth announces VidConvert 1.6.5 - Video Conversion made Easy
Posted 5/09/2016 at 12:36 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Independent software developer, Reggie Ashworth today announces VidConvert 1.6.5, an update to his popular video converter for Mac OS X. VidConvert is a video converter designed to make converting your videos simple and easy. VidConvert will convert just about any type of video into one of the many popular formats of today. Creating videos for your iPhone or iPad, for your Mac or TV, or formats such as DivX and MPEG are just a click away with VidConvert.

HoudahSpot 4.2 - Mac file search tool turns 10 years old
Posted 5/09/2016 at 12:36 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Houdah Software today releases HoudahSpot 4.2, a major update to the popular file search tool for Mac OS X. This release marks the 10th anniversary of HoudahSpot and brings refinements to the grid view, the file tagging interface and filter options. HoudahSpot combines fast and precise file search with a customizable results display, search templates, preview of text matches and more. HoudahSpot is available in English, German and French language versions.

Announcing Launcher v2.0 for iOS - Now with Multiple Widgets
Posted 5/09/2016 at 12:36 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Cromulent Labs today introduces Launcher 2.0, a must-have app for all of your iOS devices. Available at any time by just swiping down from the top of your screen, Launcher allows you lightning fast access to apps straight from the Notification Center on your iPhone or iPad. Version 2.0 brings functionality never before seen in the App Store: the ability to show or hide its widgets based on time, day and/or location so that you always have relevant launchers at your fingertips.

Lumy 2, A Simple App That Helps You Take Beautiful Photographs
Posted 5/09/2016 at 12:35 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Appatakkars today announces Lumy 2, a major update to their popular universal photography app for iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV devices. Lumy was specifically developed to help you take beautiful photographs by letting you keep track of the Magical hour. With Lumy, you can anticipate the best lighting condition and get ready ahead of time to take advantage of it. Lumy shows you the weather information like cloudiness and temperature for the next 5 days, so you can plan things out.

Noodlesoft Releases Hazel 4
Posted 5/09/2016 at 12:35 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Noodlesoft today announces Hazel 4, an update to its popular housekeeping utility for Mac OS X. Hazel watches whatever folders you tell it to, automatically organizing your files according to the rules you create. Using Hazel's powerful rule engine, you can easily create workflows that keep your files organized automatically. The app also features options for managing your Trash and includes an intuitive application uninstaller. Hazel 4 adds numerous features, improvements and fixes.

Introducing TableEdit for OS X - A Mac-like Spreadsheet
Posted 5/09/2016 at 12:35 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
The CoreCode team today announces TableEdit, a simple, clean and elegant spreadsheet application designed specifically for OS X. TableEdit is packed with convenient features like charts with exhaustive cell styling and formatting options as well as comprehensive import & export capabilities. TableEdit is built exclusively for OS X and takes full advantage of its latest features and technologies, making this excel-compatible application fast, intuitive, and simple for anyone to use.

Reggie Ashworth releases MAS AppDelete Lite 4.0.4 - Uninstall Anything
Posted 5/02/2016 at 21:01 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Independent software developer Reggie Ashworth today announces MAS AppDelete Lite 4.0.4, a major update to his popular Mac application deletion utility via the Mac App Store. With a simple Drag & Drop, AppDelete Lite will uninstall anything along with all of the associated items. Mac users will no longer have to hunt through their system to find and delete these items manually. AppDelete Lite is a must-have utility for beta testers and the perfect companion to any Mac fanatic's toolbox.

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