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Apple special event announces new services
Posted 3/25/2019 at 19:07 UTC in Apple by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Apple has announced a number of new services at their special event including TV+, News+, Arcade+ and Card+.

Default Folder X 5.3.5 improves integration and compatibility
Posted 3/20/2019 at 23:02 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
St. Clair Software releases Default Folder X 5.3.5 today, an update to their award-winning utility for macOS. Default Folder X enhances the file dialogs in all macOS applications. It provides fast navigation to your files, convenient previews, integrated Spotlight tagging, and more. Default Folder X's custom keyboard shortcuts put favorite and recent folders at your fingertips. Version 5.3.5 brings cooperation with HoudahSpot, better compatibility with LaunchBar, CopyPaste Pro, Mojave and more.

FontAgent 9 Adds New Tagging, Activation, Monotype and Adobe Integration
Posted 3/20/2019 at 23:02 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Insider Software today announced FontAgent 9 for Macintosh. FontAgent integrates diagnostics, repair, font selection, font book creation, and design tools and more. Built atop FontAgent's robust font rendering, searching, activation, integrity and metadata engines, the latest V9 edition adds an all-new tagging manager, nested sets, performance improvements, and more extensive support for macOS Mojave, Monotype SkyFonts, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Creative Cloud and Affinity applications.

Moth Software announces Mail Archiver X 5.0
Posted 3/20/2019 at 23:01 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Moth Software today announces Mail Archiver X 5.0 for Mac OS X, an important feature update to their app designed as a companion to the user's email application. Particularly valuable for businesses and individuals alike, Mail Archiver X allows consolidation, archiving, and permanent storage of emails. Emails may be saved in the application's native database format, Evernote, Filemaker or PDF. Version 5.0 adds support for encrypting archives, Mojave's DarkMode. Archiving is now much faster.

PopChar X 8.6 improves user experience and is now notarized by Apple
Posted 3/20/2019 at 23:01 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Ergonis Software today released PopChar X 8.6, which offers a couple of smart user interface improvements. PopChar makes typing of unusual characters easy without having to remember keyboard combinations. The new version is also notarized by Apple. This means that the software has been uploaded to Apple before distribution, and Apple has confirmed that all executables are signed correctly and that the app does not contain any malware.

Apple releases updated iMacs
Posted 3/20/2019 at 22:58 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Apple releases updated iMacs with 4K or 5K displays, eighth- and ninth-generation Intel Core processors and the latest in high-performance graphics.

Apple releases updated iPads
Posted 3/20/2019 at 22:56 UTC in iPad by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Apple has released an updated iPad Air and iPad mini each having an A12 chip, Touch ID and 1st Generation Pencil support,

Apple releases new Airpods with Siri and Wireless charging
Posted 3/20/2019 at 22:53 UTC in Apple by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Apple released updated Airpods that included Hey Siri and a case that supports wireless charging. The case will be available for purchase separately for existing Airpods.

BBEdit 12.6.1
Posted 3/12/2019 at 19:05 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
BBEdit 12.6.1 is a focused maintenance update to address issues reported in BBEdit 12.6 and prior 12.x releases.

Keep It 1.6 adds text recognition, improves notes, PDF editing and more
Posted 3/05/2019 at 13:19 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
UK based Reinvented Software releases Keep It 1.6, an update to their popular notebook, scrapbook and organizer for macOS. Keep It is ideal for writing notes, saving web links, organizing documents, and finding them again. This version adds text recognition for scanned PDFs and images, support for importing from a scanner, and Continuity Camera to import directly from an iPad or iPhone, along with improvements to notes, PDF editing, and lots more.

SuperTab 4.0 for Mac released - Major Update to Powerful App Switcher
Posted 3/05/2019 at 13:18 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
California based SpriTec Software today announces SuperTab 4.0, a major feature update to its award-winning App Switcher for macOS. SuperTab takes the App Switcher way beyond just apps: it gives users instant access to their Files, Folders, Windows, Web Sites, Calendars, Screen Shots, Recents, Clipboard History, Dock Items, Desktop Contents, Dropbox, Custom Clipboards, and more - all within the App Switcher, and all just a click or keypress away.

Amperes 3.0.4 released for iOS - The only Battery App worth having
Posted 3/05/2019 at 13:18 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
CrioSoft LLC today releases Amperes 3.0.4, an update to its popular battery info app for iOS. Amperes will display the remaining runtimes for different activities & the most critical info about your device, such as remaining space, free memory, abnormal thermal status, and more. You can also check the battery charging rates of your chargers, and even the quality of your wires. Version 3.0.4 sports a new battery monitoring alarm, charge testing can run when the phone is locked & minor bug fixes.

TextExpander for Mac 6.5 Adds New Snippet Editor with Visual Macros
Posted 3/05/2019 at 13:17 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Smile releases TextExpander, an update to its popular typing shortcut tool for smarter communication. TextExpander keeps your snippets current on all your devices and lets you easily share and manage snippets across whole teams. New sharing options let you share the wealth of knowledge stored in your snippets. TextExpander for Mac 6.5 and TextExpander for Windows 2.0 add a new snippet editor with an easy visual way to view and edit macros. Script snippets in JavaScript gain syntax highlighting.

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