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MarsEdit 1.1
Posted 1/18/2006 at 16:24 UTC in Mac by | Permalink | Tweet
MarsEdit 1.1 has been updated with the following changes:

- Transparency for text editing windows. Screenshot.
- Titles for Blogger weblogs.
- Text formatting filter popup menu in the preview window. Screenshot.
- Choose edit-with external editor.
- HTTP authentication username and password settings. (As distinct from API username and password.)
- Technorati tags.
- Date editing.
- Enclosures support—for systems that support it, you can attach an enclosure (including a podcast) to a post.
- Specify number of posts to download (it can now be greater than 30).
- New keyboard shortcuts—see the new Post menu.
- Universal binary—runs on PowerPC and Intel Macs.
- Bug fixes (including a commonly-reported whitespace-stripping bug).

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