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ChronoSync 3.3
Posted 6/02/2006 at 14:37 UTC in Mac by | Permalink | Tweet
ChronoSync 3.3 includes the following updates:

* Localization of three new languages - French, German, and Japanese.
* Better preserves folder attributes (mod/creation dates, etc.) whenever contents of those folders are modified.
* Introduced the BSD flags and Timestamps sync triggers.
* Applied a major terminology/user selection change to the Targets panel whereby "Direction" and "Mode" have been combined into a single "Operation" setting.
* Implemented the "Get Info in Finder" command which appears on the same various pop-up menus that "Open in Finder" and "Reveal in Finder" appear.
* Implemented a "Help" button in the Setup panel which takes you directly to the "Synchronize Operations" page of the online help.
* Updated online help.
* Updated toolbar artwork.

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