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Parallels Desktop RC2
Posted 6/02/2006 at 14:38 UTC in Mac by | Permalink | Tweet
Parallels Desktop RC2 includes the following features/enhancements:

* Parallels Compressor Server technology is now built-in
* Significantly improved performance 
* Improved USB performance and broader device support
* Improved Host-guest networking
* Automatic network adapters now switch on-the-fly
* Guest OS no longer steals host IP address in some DHCP servers
* Fullscreen mode is now customizable
* Integration with Virtue is now bug-free
* Customizable Ctrl + Click mapping
* Guest 32bit color is supported when Parallels Tools is installed
* Improved Shared folders performance
* Resolved shared folders/MS Office incompatibility issues
* Windows 98 no longer consumes 99% host CPU even when idle (in VT-x mode)

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