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Arq Backup 4.4.1 fixes an SFTP and delete issues
Posted 6/30/2014 at 3:09 UTC in Mac by | Permalink | Tweet
Arq Backup 4.4.1 fixed an SFTP issue where, if you supply a relative path and your home directory on the SFTP server is "/", the path ended up being "//relativepath" which caused backup errors; fixed the "Delete This Backup Set" button; show the "Trash" folder for deleted legacy Glacier folders; fixed a "hostname could not be found" error for EU buckets caused by Amazon changing their loation identifier from "EU" to "eu-west-1"; fixed an issue where the legacy Glacier vault was still shown in the window after you clicked the button to delete it; fixed a 10.7-only issue with Google Cloud Storage where the generated Date header was not in a format that Google accepted; for backups to DreamObjects, handle the non-AWS-format error response when DreamObjects returns a 500 error and added a permission to the restricted IAM user that Arq creates so that that user can list enough of the bucket to find its own backups.

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