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1Password for Mac 6.8.2
Posted 9/24/2017 at 12:51 UTC in Mac by | Permalink | Tweet
1Password for Mac 6.8.2 update fixes a number of issues including Fixed custom keyboard shortcuts. {OPM-5268}; Fixed an issue where passwords with special characters could cause a hang during account setup. {OPM-5279}; The setup window now sets a minimum window size to prevent it from being smaller than it needs to be. {OPM-5273}; Fixed an issue that could prevent sync from succeeding. {OPM-5286}; Corrected a problem where one-time passwords would be generated incorrectly if the secret contained percent-encoded spaces. {OPM-5276}; Fixed a crash that would occur if your only account was a guest account and you tried to save a new login using the browser extension. {OPM-5271} and Fixed an issue where 1Password could crash during initial setup. {OPM-5269, OPM-5270}.

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