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Little Snitch 4.2.2 (5207) includes improvements and bug fixes
Posted 10/20/2018 at 0:12 UTC in Mac by | Permalink | Tweet
Little Snitch 4.2.2 (5207) includes: 1) improved handling of processes without code signature in Silent Mode. When there was a matching allow-rule for “Any Process” requiring a valid code signature, Little Snitch considered the unsigned process as case of likely tampering and inserted a high priority deny-rule. We now just skip the matching rule and act according to Silent Mode (allow or deny); 2) If the matching rule requires a particular code signature (from a particular developer), we still consider it as case of likely tampering and add a high priority deny rule. The process has been seen with a valid code signature before, so the code signature must have been removed; and bug fixes.

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