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What Time for iOS saves you from chat group hell
Posted 3/26/2016 at 13:08 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Tap Get Pte Ltd. today introduces What Time 1.0, their new social networking app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. What Time was designed to let you chat about what you're doing in-the-moment in ephemeral chat groups that automatically close when that event is over. Groups are based on what 'time' it is. Members chat along with shared photos scrolling along the background so everyone in the group knows what everyone else is talking about.

Maintain Releases Cocktail 9.2.3 (El Capitan Edition)
Posted 3/26/2016 at 13:07 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Maintain today announces Cocktail 9.2.3 (El Capitan Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X El Capitan 10.11. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Macs. This version adds ability to disable disk image verification. It also contains improvements on the "Optimize network" procedure, fixes compatibility issues with EtreCheck and adds OS X 10.11.4 compatibility.

plasq Releases Comic Life 3.5 for Mac, PC, and iOS
Posted 3/26/2016 at 13:07 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Charleston based developer, plasq today releases Comic Life 3.5, the latest version of its award winning photo comic creation software. Packed with fonts, templates, balloons, captions, and lettering art, Comic Life is a fun, powerful and easy-to-use app that makes creating comics easier than ever. This update to Comic Life 3 includes a suite of new comic templates, a new full color halftone feature for dynamic comic styling effects, and an improved workflow to the drag and drop script feature.

MacID 1.3.3 includes numerous fixes and enhancements
Posted 3/26/2016 at 13:04 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
MacID 1.3.3 includes numerous fixes and enhancements such as: Focuses on improving reconnections; Fixes an issue where launching MacID while Spotify or iTunes is running and paused would still cause the track name to be sent to MacID for iOS; Moves the Auto-lock disabled reason to the main menu; Auto-lock disabled reason now shows if it's disabled because you've set it to be limited to power adapter only and you're on battery, and vice-versa; Auto-lock disabled reason will only show if you have Auto-lock enabled; Adds an option to completely hide MacID from the Dock and Menu Bar. After hiding MacID you'll need to click the MacID app icon again to get it back.
Adds an option to set a keyboard shortcut to completely hide MacID; Improves password entry reliability; Pressing play or pause on MacID for iOS while the screen is locked will wake the screen to play/pause and then automatically send the screen back to sleep; Fixes some nasty memory leaks; Fixes an issue where moving the MacID menu from the Dock to the Menu Bar would fail; Reduces the amount of random connections when Bluetooth briefly wakes up while the lid is closed. Unfortunately there are times when the system reports that the screen is awake even when the lid is closed so MacID will send you an unlock request. I know this is annoying so I'm continually looking into a way to work around this; Adds automatic relaunching for some Bluetooth errors (MacID will only automatically relaunch once an hour in case it gets into a loop); and Adds some logging to the console so you have a better idea of what's happening when something goes wrong with Bluetooth etc.

iTunes adds support for new iPad and iPhone
Posted 3/21/2016 at 20:58 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
iTunes adds support for syncing iTunes with the new iPad Pro and iPhone SE.

Apple releases 9.7" iPad Pro
Posted 3/21/2016 at 19:26 UTC in iPad by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Apple releases 9.7" iPad Pro with the same A9X process, four-speaker array and a 2048x1536 resolution, pencil compatible screen.

Apple releases iPhone SE
Posted 3/21/2016 at 19:23 UTC in iPhone by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Apple released the iPhone SE which is a 4-inch iPhone with an Apple A9 processor, Touch ID, Apple Pay, Hands-free Hey Siri, a 12MP iSight camera and faster LTE and WiFi.

Apple releases OS X 10.11.4, iOS 9.3, tvOS 9.2, and WatchOS 2
Posted 3/21/2016 at 19:20 UTC in Apple by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Apple has released updates to all operating systems with OS X 10.11.4, iOS 9.3, tvOS 9.2, and WatchOS 2 which include numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

FlexiHub - share USB ports on El Capitan (OS X 10.11)
Posted 3/20/2016 at 12:58 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Frankfurt based Eltima Software today announces FlexiHub for Mac OS X, a new version of their revolutionary program for sharing of USB ports over the network. With FlexiHub, the shared ports with devices can be accessed from any spot on our planet. All FlexiHub connections are secured by SSL protocol and can go through FlexiHub's own redirection server for the safest experience. One can choose from three types of connections: LAN, UDP, and the native redirection server.

Email Tracking: Available Now on MailButler
Posted 3/20/2016 at 12:58 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Shortly after MailButler release, Feingeist Software GmbH has announced that their Apple Mail assistant will now offer one more feature: Email Tracking. With this new option Apple Mail users will always know if the recipient has actually opened their email. MailButler already offers such features as Email Scheduling, Notes, and Upload to Cloud. The developers at Feingeist Software promise that more new features are planned and will be added to MailButler in future.

New House Inspector App is a perfect Property Viewing Companion
Posted 3/20/2016 at 12:57 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Wide Angle Software today announces House Inspector 1.3, available on iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. House Inspector offers a range of simple, yet useful tools to help you both remember the houses you have visited and compare them to one another. You can also look up the properties on a map, as well as apply your own personal star rating to each property you're viewing. The app also provides an interactive checklist for the things you should be looking out for.

Deliver Express Improves File Transfer on Local Networks
Posted 3/20/2016 at 12:57 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Zevrix Solutions announces Deliver Express 2.5.11, a feature update to its hot folder based solution to send files automatically across the Internet and locally with email notifications. Deliver Express can serve multiple users on a network and supports FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Google Storage, AFP, SMB and other services. The new version lets users label completed local deliveries with a Finder tag, preserves file timestamps and custom icons, and introduces other improvements on local networks.

Recordify 1.0 released for iOS - Send Instant Voice Messages via Slack
Posted 3/14/2016 at 20:32 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Indie developers, Pablo Epscopo, Williams Olivera and Sebastian Martnez today introduce Recordify 1.0, their new app that allows Slack users to send instant voice messages via Slack on iOS devices. Recordify enables its users the same level of ease-of-use and convenience while sending an instant voice message. Recordify helps simplify the use of Slack in everyday life, making it more time efficient and more interactive on a human level.

GeekSuit, LLC releases Client Folder Maker 4.5 for OS X
Posted 3/14/2016 at 20:32 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Texas based GeekSuit, LLC today announces Client Folder Maker 4.5, an important update to their popular folder creation and management utility for Mac OS X. Client Folder Maker offers a simple to use folder creation and management tool, perfect for the busy web developer, graphic designer, app developer, desktop publisher, or prepress operator. Version 4.5 introduces drag-and-drop folder hierarchies, a new "Copy To ..." feature, new Finder Extension, Presets Lock and much more.

Eltima updates SyncMate to 6.3, expands functionality and settings
Posted 3/14/2016 at 20:32 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Eltima Software today releases SyncMate 6.3, an improved version of their powerful synchronization tool for OS X. SyncMate allows syncing Mac computers with iOS and Android devices, other Macs, MTP devices, as well as with online storage accounts such as Google, Dropbox, iCloud and other Windows Services, including Outlook, Office 365 Home and Business accounts. The latest version of SyncMate offers expanded functionality and customizable settings.

Gravity Clock for Mac - Watching the Time Pass
Posted 3/14/2016 at 20:32 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Independent developer, Jorg Piringer today announces Gravity Clock for Mac 3.0. Gravity Clock combines a physics simulator with a minimalist clock design to create the 21st century successor of an hour glass. It not only shows the current time but also visualizes the passage of time in a tangible way by the permanent destruction and reconstruction of the clock face. Every second the hand breaks numbers out of the dial and lets them drop to the floor.

Hyperbolic Releases Tidy Up 4.1.9: The Duplicate Finder for Expert Users
Posted 3/14/2016 at 20:31 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Hyperbolic Software today announces Tidy Up 4.1.9, the latest version of the award-winning duplicate finder and disk tidying utility. Tidy Up has become a must-have utility to reclaim disk space being taken up by duplicate files and packages. Tidy Up locates duplicate items using a wide range of criteria including owner application; time created or modified, name, label, extension and content. Version 4 introduces many new features to this already comprehensive tool.

Arq Backup 4.15.1 includes fixes
Posted 3/09/2016 at 0:25 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Arq Backup 4.15.1 updated to libssh2 version 1.7.0 to get the fixes for CVE-2016-0739 and CVE-2016-0787 "libssh2: Diffie-Hellman bits/bytes confusion bug".

1Password for Mac 6.1 includes a number of enhancements
Posted 3/05/2016 at 15:05 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
1Password for Mac 6.1 makes it easier to tell which Login is which when you’re using 1Password mini, is smarter when searching for words that contain accents or other diacritics, Documents can now add Notes and even custom fields, and syncing improvements including improved iCloud Sync in the AgileBits Store version of 1Password.

Default Folder X 5.0.2 improves performance and compatibility
Posted 3/05/2016 at 15:01 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Denver-based St. Clair Software releases Default Folder X 5.0.2 today, an update to their award-winning utility for Mac OS X. Default Folder X enhances the file dialogs in all Mac OS X applications. It provides fast navigation to your files, convenient previews, integrated Spotlight tagging, and more. Default Folder X's custom keyboard shortcuts put your favorite and recent folders at your fingertips. This release improves both performance and compatibility on El Capitan.

DEVONagent 3.9.4 updates plugins, filters more accurately
Posted 3/05/2016 at 15:00 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
DEVONtechnologies, LLC updates all editions of its Internet search and research tool DEVONagent. Available in three editions, DEVONagent is a smart internet search agent. It queries search engines and crawls web sites. It then post-filters the results and presents the results in a multitude of ways. The new version brings updated plugins and search sets, adds contextual menu options for videos, and more. The updates are free and recommended for all users.

Records 1.1 for Mac Adds Table View, CSV Data Importer and 30 Templates
Posted 3/05/2016 at 15:00 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Records Team today announces the release of Records 1.1 for Mac, a major update to their popular personal database application for OS X. Records for Mac allows anyone to collect and organize their information, from favorite movies, to customer invoices, to home inventory, and more. The app offers the perfect balance between ease of use and powerful features. Version 1.1 introduces a new Table view, CSV data import and export, 30 ready to use templates.

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